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Welcome to the RAF Stations website

I have dedicated this website to the production of a complete list of Royal Air Force Stations, that have existed from Mon 1 Apr 1918 when the world’s first independent Air Force was formed until today.  Currently, this is an alphabetical list of the 3,500 RAF Stations, airfields, camps, sites and bases I have managed to find.

As you can appreciate with almost 3,500 stations, the production of the information and the updating is immense and I need help with dates, units, names of pubs, railway stations, etc.  Plus I need some checkers to make sure the information is as accurate as I can make it.  You get the idea!  If you are willing to help then contact me on help RAF stations.

I have had many requests for information on the airfields that they or their relatives served on.  If you want that service please contact me on requested RAF Stations information.  I can provide the information I have on each station for a donation.  This is for the cost of the upkeep of the site, and the printed material and shipping.   You can have it in two forms, either a printed hard copy or by email.