RAF Stations

Aim of the website


Welcome to the largest list of Royal Air Force Stations in the world!

This is a website dedicated to the production of a complete list of Royal Air Force Stations that have existed from Mon 1 Apr 1918 when the world’s first independent Air Force was formed. The list comprises of bomber, coastal, fighter, radar, technical, supply, training and fictitious stations both in the United Kingdom and in countries all over the world.

Its predecessors were the establishment of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) on Sat 13 Apr 1912 and the formation of the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) on Wed 1 Jul 1914.  It was decided to combine both of these flying services into one and on Mon 1 Apr 1918 they were amalgamated into the Royal Air Force (RAF), and this was the beginning of the world’s first independent fighting service.