RAF Stations

RAF Stations in England


England is the main country of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,  and London is the capital city.  This is an alphabetical list of the 2,034 RAF Stations in the country.

1      RAF Abbey Wood                                   Middle of Kent                            South West of England
2     RAF Abbots Bromley                              Middle East of Staffordshire      North of the West Midlands of England
3     RAF Abbots Ripton                                 Middle of Huntingdonshire          West of the East Anglia of England

4     RAF Aberfield Court (Signals)                North West of Kent                  South East of England
5     RAF Abingdon                                         Berkshire                                South East of England
6     RAF Aborfield Hall Farm (Decoy)            Berkshire                                    South East of England
7     RAF Acaster Malbis                                North Riding of Yorkshire      England
8     RAF Acklington                                       Northumberland                      England
9     RAF (APS) Acklington                             Northumberland                      England
10    RAF Acton                                              London                                     England

11    RAF Akeman Street (RLG)                      Oxfordshire                            England
12    RAF Alconbury                                        Huntingdonshire                      England
13    RAF Aldeburgh                                       Suffolk                                    England
14    RAF Aldeham’s Head (Radar)                  Dorset                                     England
15    RAF Aldermaston                                    Berkshire                                England
16    RAF Alexandra Park                                Lancashire                               England
17    RAF All Cannings                                     Wiltshire                                 England
18    RAF Allerton Park                                   North Riding of Yorkshire       England
19    RAF All Hallows                                       Kent                                        England
20    RAF Allington (Decoy)                             Wiltshire                                England

21    RAF Alma Park   (RAF Regt Depot)          Lincolnshire                            England
22    RAF Alnwick                                            Cambridgeshire                      England
23    RAF Alton Barnes Wiltshire England
24    RAF Alverston (AAU) Derbyshire England
25    RAF Alwalton (Decoy) Cambridgeshire England
26 RAF Amberfield Court Buckinghamshire England
27 RAF Amble (Radar) Northumberland England
28 RAF Amble (ASR) Northumberland England
29 RAF Anderby Creek (RAF Regt) Lincolnshire England
30 RAF Andover Hampshire England
31 RAF Andreas Isle of Man England
32 RAF Andrews Field Essex England
33 RAF Ansty Leicestershire England
34 RAF Anthorn Cumberland England
35 RAF Anwick (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
36 RAF Apethorpe Northamptonshire England
37 RAF Appledore Kent England
38 RAF Appledram (ALG) Sussex England
39 RAF Appledram (Proposed) Sussex England
40 RAF Appleton Wiske North Riding England

41 RAF Archbury Fictitious England
11 RAF Arlington (TGW/WWI) Sussex England
42 RAF Armthorpe (Decoy) South Riding England
43 RAF Ascot Berkshire England
44 RAF Ash (Radar) Kent England
45 RAF Ashbourne Derbyshire England
46 RAF Ashburton (Radar) Devon England
47 RAF Ashcroft Star Cheshire England
48 RAF Ashfield Green (Decoy) Suffolk England
49 RAF Ashford (ALG) Kent England
50 RAF Ashgate Derbyshire England

51 RAF Ashington Northumberland England
52 RAF Ash Levels (Decoy) Kent England
53 RAF Ashley Heath (Decoy) Devon England
54 RAF Ashley Walk (Range/Decoy) Hampshire England
55 RAF Ashton (Proposed) ? England
56 RAF Ashton Keynes (Decoy) Gloucestershire England
57 RAF Assington (Decoy) Suffolk England
58 RAF Aston Clinton (HQ Gp) Buckinghamshire England
59 RAF Aston Down Gloucestershire England
60 RAF Astwick (Decoy) Bedfordshire England

61 RAF Atcham Shropshire England
62 RAF Atherstone Warwickshire England
63 RAF Attlebridge Norfolk England
64 RAF Atwick (TGW/WWI) North Riding England
65 RAF Aylesbeare Common (Decoy) Devon England
66 RAF Aylesbury (TGW/WWI) Buckinghamshire England
67 RAF Babbacombe (ITW) Devon England
68 RAF Babtown Farm Gloucestershire England
69 RAF Bacton (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
70 RAF Baginton Warwickshire England

71 RAF Balderton Nottinghamshire England
72 RAF Baldwyn’s Park Kent England
73 RAF Ballard Down (Radar) Dorset England
74 RAF Bamburgh (Radar) Northumberland England
75 RAF Bampton Castle (Signals) Oxfordshire England
76 RAF Bardhill (Radar) Norfolk England
77 RAF Bardney Lincolnshire England
78 RAF Barford St John Oxfordshire England
79 RAF Barking Creek Essex England
80 RAF Barkston Heath Lincolnshire England

81 RAF Barkway Hertfordshire England
82 RAF Barley (Decoy) Cambridgeshire England
83 RAF Barlow (TGW/WWI) North Riding of Yorkshire England
84 RAF Barmby (TGW/WWI) North Riding England
85 RAF Barmet (Radar) ? England
86 RAF Barnet (Decoy) Hertfordshire England
87 RAF Barnham (AAP) Suffolk England
88 RAF Barnsley Park (SLG) Gloucestershire England
89 RAF Barnstaple Devon England
90 RAF Barnwood Gloucestershire England

91 RAF Barrow Lancashire England
92 RAF Barrow Hill (Radar) Norfolk England
93 RAF Barrow in Furness Cumberland England
94 RAF Barton Lancashire England
95 RAF Barton Abbey (SLG) Oxfordshire England
96 RAF Barton Bendish Norfolk England
97 RAF Barton Hall Lancashire England
98 RAF Barton in the Clay Bedfordshire England
99 RAF Bassingbourn (Decoy) Cambridgeshire England
100 RAF Bassingham (Decoy) Lincolnshire England

101 RAF Battleshead Hill Staffordshire England
102 RAF Baverstock Wiltshire England
103 RAF Bawburgh (Radar) Norfolk England
104 RAF Bawdsey (Radar) Suffolk England
105 RAF Bawtry (Gp HQ) South Riding England
106 RAF Baywaters Fictitious England
107 RAF Beachy Head (Radar) Sussex England
108 RAF Beacon Hill (TGW/WWI) Northumberland England
109 RAF Beacon Hill Suffolk England
110 RAF Bear Downs (Radar) Cornwall England

111 RAF Beaulieu (TGW/WWI) Hampshire England
112 RAF Beaulieu (WWII) Hampshire England
113 RAF Beaumont (Proposed) Essex England
114 RAF Beccles Suffolk England
115 RAF Beddington ? England
116 RAF Bedfield Suffolk England
117 RAF Beechwood Park Bedfordshire England
118 RAF Beedon (Decoy) Oxfordshire England
119 RAF Beeford (Decoy) East Riding England
120 RAF Beer Head (Radar) Devon England

121 RAF Beeston St Lawrence (Decoy) Norfolk England
122 RAF Bekesbourne (TGW/WWI) Kent England
123 RAF Bellasize (TGW/WWI) North Riding England
124 RAF Belton (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
125 RAF Belton Park (RAF Regt) Lincolnshire England
126 RAF Belevedere Kent England
127 RAF Belvoir (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
128 RAF Bembridge (TGW/WWI) Isle of Wight England
129 RAF Bembridge (Radar) Isle of Wight England
130 RAF Bempton (Radar) East Riding England

131 RAF Benacre (Radar) Suffolk England
132 RAF Benefield Northamptonshire England
133 RAF Benington Herts England
134 RAF Benson Oxfordshire England
135 RAF Bentley Priory Middlesex England
136 RAF Benton (TGW/WWI) Northumberland England
137 RAF Benton Fictitious England
138 RAF Bentwaters Suffolk England
139 RAF Benwick (Decoy) Huntingdonshire England
140 RAF Berrow Worcestershire England

141 RAF Berry Head Devon England
142 RAF Berwick Hill (Decoy) Northumberland England
143 RAF Betchton (Decoy) Northumberland England
144 RAF Beverley North Riding of Yorkshire England
145 RAF Bexhill Sussex England
146 RAF Bibury Gloucestershire England
147 RAF Bicester Oxfordshire England
148 RAF Bickmarsh Worcestershire England
149 RAF Biggin Hill Kent England
150 RAF Biggleswade Bedfordshire England

151 RAF Billingham County Durham England
152 RAF Binbrook Lincolnshire England
153 RAF Binsoe North Riding England
154 RAF Birch Essex England
155 RAF Bircham Newton Norfolk England
156 RAF Bircotes Nottinghamshire England
157 RAF Birkby (Decoy) North Riding England
158 RAF Bishops Tachbrook Warwickshire England
159 RAF Bishopstone County Durham England
160 RAF Bishopton County Durham England

161 RAF Bisley ? England
162 RAF Bisterne Hampshire England
163 RAF Bitteswell Leicestershire England
164 RAF Blaby Leicestershire England
165 RAF Blackbrook Lancashire England
166 RAF Blackbrook Staffordshire England
167 RAF Blackbushe Hampshire England
168 RAF Blackgang Isle of Wight England
169 RAF Blackheath Essex England
170 RAF Blackmore (Decoy) Essex England

171 RAF Blackpool Lancashire England
172 RAF Blackpool Tower (Radar) Lancashire England
173 RAF Blakehill Farm Wiltshire England
174 RAF Blakelaw Northumberland England
175 RAF Blakewell (OCU) Fictitious England
176 RAF Blandford (TGW/WWI) Dorset England
177 RAF Blankney Hall Lincolnshire England
178 RAF Blaston Leicestershire England
179 RAF Bleadon (Decoy) Somerset England
180 RAF Blenheim Crescent Middlesex England

181 RAF Bletchley Buckinghamshire England
182 RAF Blidworth Nottinghamshire England
183 RAF Bloom (Radar) ? England
184 RAF Blyborough Lincolnshire England
185 RAF Blyton Lincolnshire England
186 RAF Bobbington Staffordshire England
187 RAF Boddington (SU) Gloucestershire England
188 RAF Bodkin Hazel (Fictitious) Sussex England
189 RAF Bodney (Decoy) Norfolk England
190 RAF Bognor (ALG) Sussex England

191 RAF Bois Hall Essex England
192 RAF Bold Heath (Decoy) Lancashire England
193 RAF Boltby (Decoy) North Riding England
194 RAF Bolt Head Devon England
195 RAF Boltail/ Bolt Tail Devon England
196 RAF Boningale (Decoy) Staffordshire England
197 RAF Booker Buckinghamshire England
198 RAF Boreham Essex England
199 RAF Borehamwood Hertfordshire England
200 RAF Boscombe Down Wiltshire England

201 RAF Bossall (Decoy) North Riding England
202 RAF Boston (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
203 RAF Boston (MCU) Lincolnshire England
204 RAF Botley Hill Farm Surrey England
205 RAF Bottesford Leicestershire England
206 RAF Bottisham Cambridgeshire England
207 RAF Boulmer (Decoy/Radar) Northumberland England
208 RAF Bourn Cambridgeshire England
209 RAF Bournemouth Dorset England
210 RAF Bovingdon Hertfordshire England

211 RAF Bowes Moor County Durham England
212 RAF Bowlee Lancashire England
213 RAF Bowness (TGW/WWI) Cumberland England
214 RAF Bowness (WAAF OCTU WWII) Cumberland England
215 RAF Box (SOC) Wiltshire England
216 RAF Boxted (WWII) Essex England
217 RAF Boxted (Decoy) Suffolk England
218 RAF Boxworth (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
219 RAF Bracebridge Heath Lincolnshire England
220 RAF Braceby (TGW/WWI Decoy) Lincolnshire England

221 RAF Bracehurst Fictitious England
222 RAF Brackley Northamptonshire England
223 RAF Bracknell Berkshire England
224 RAF Brading (TGW/WWI) Isle of Wight England
225 RAF Bradwell Bay Essex England
226 RAF Brafferton (AAP) North Riding England
227 RAF Braintree (TGW/WWI) Essex England
228 RAF Bramcote Warwickshire England
229 RAF Bramham Moor North Riding England
230 RAF Bramley Hampshire England

231 RAF Brampton Cambridgeshire England
232 RAF Brampton Grange Huntingdonshire England
233 RAF Brancroft North Riding England
234 RAF Brandon (Decoy) Suffolk England
235 RAF Brandy Bay (Radar) Dorset England
236 RAF Branscombe (Radar) Devon England
237 RAF Branston Fen (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
238 RAF Brant Broughton (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
239 RAF Brattleby (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
240 RAF Bratton (RLG/SLG) Shropshire England

241 RAF Braughing (Decoy) Hertfordshire England
242 RAF Braunstone Leicestershire England
243 RAF Braunton Burrows (Decoy) Devon England
244 RAF Bray Berkshire England
245 RAF Braybrook Northamptonshire England
246 RAF Brayton Park Cumberland England
247 RAF Breckles (Decoy) Norfolk England
248 RAF Breighton North Riding England
249 RAF Brendon Common (Chem) ? England
250 RAF Brentingby (TGW/WWI) Leicestershire England

251 RAF Brenzett (ALG) Kent England
252 RAF Bretton (Decoy) Devon England
253 RAF Bride Isle of Man England
254 RAF Bridgestowe ? ?
255 RAF Bridgnorth (RT) Shropshire England
256 RAF Bridleway Gate Shropshire England
257 RAF Bridlington (MCU) North Riding England
258 RAF Bridport Hampshire England
259 RAF Brigg Lincolnshire England
260 RAF Brighton Sussex England

261 RAF Brigmerston Down Wiltshire England
262 RAF Brimpsfield (Decoy) ? England
263 RAF Brinklow Warwickshire England
264 RAF Brize Norton Oxfordshire England
265 RAF Broadfield Down Somerset England
266 RAF Broadley (Decoy) Kent England
267 RAF Broad Salts (TGW/WWI) Kent England
268 RAF Broadstairs Kent England
269 RAF Broadwell Oxfordshire England
270 RAF Broadwell Somerset England

271 RAF Brockenhurst Hampshire England
272 RAF Brockton Shropshire England
273 RAF Brockworth Gloucestershire England
274 RAF Bromley (TGW/WWI) Kent England
275 RAF Brooklands (TGW/WWI) Surrey England
276 RAF Broomfield (TGW/WWI) Essex England
277 RAF Broomfield (TGW/WWI) Kent England
278 RAF Brough East Riding England
279 RAF Broughton Lincolnshire England
280 RAF Broughton Hall Lincolnshire England

281 RAF Broxbourne Hertfordshire England
282 RAF Brumby (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
283 RAF Bruntingthorpe Leicestershire England
284 RAF Brunton Northumberland England
285 RAF Buckland (Decoy) Oxfordshire England
286 RAF Buckminster (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
287 RAF Bucknall (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
288 RAF Bucknell (TGW/WWI) Shropshire England
289 RAF Bude (TGW/WWI) Cornwall England
290 RAF Bughthorpe (Decoy) North Riding England

291 RAF Bulbarrow Hill (Radar) Devon England
292 RAF Bulphan (Decoy) Essex England
293 RAF Bulstrode Park Buckinghamshire England
294 RAF Bungay Suffolk England
295 RAF Buntingsdale Hall Shropshire England
296 RAF Burderop Park (Hospital) Wiltshire England
297 RAF Bures (Storage) Suffolk England
298 RAF Burford (ELG) Oxfordshire England
299 RAF Burgh Castle (TGW/WWI) Suffolk England
300 RAF Burghfield Common Berkshire England

301 RAF Burmarsh (Decoy) Kent England
302 RAF Burn North Riding England
303 RAF Burnaston Derbyshire England
304 RAF Burnby (Decoy) North Riding England
305 RAF Burneston (Decoy) North Riding England
306 RAF Burnfoot (RLG) Cumberland England
307 RAF Burnham (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
308 RAF Burnham Market (Radar) ? England
309 RAF Burnham on Crouch Essex England
310 RAF Burnham Sutton Norfolk England

311 RAF Burrow Head Lancashire England
312 RAF Burton on the Wold Leicestershire England
313 RAF Burton Rough Sussex England
314 RAF Burtonwood Lancashire England
315 RAF Bury (TGW/WWI) Huntingdonshire England
316 RAF Bury St Edmunds (TGW/WWI) Suffolk England
317 RAF Bury St Edmunds (WWII) Suffolk England
318 RAF Bush Barn (SLG) Oxfordshire England
319 RAF Bushey Park Surrey England
320 RAF Bush Valley (Decoy) Kent England

321 RAF Butley (TGW/WWI) Suffolk England
322 RAF Butley (WWII) Suffolk England
323 RAF Butterton Tunnel (AAP) Staffordshire England
324 RAF Bylauch Hall (HQ 100 Gp) Norfolk England
325 RAF Cadney (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
326 RAF Caenby (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
327 RAF Cains Folly (Radar) Dorset England
328 RAF Caistor Lincolnshire England
329 RAF Calmesdon (Decoy) Gloucestershire England
330 RAF Calmo/Calvo (Radar) Cumberland England

331 RAF Calne (Hospital) Wiltshire England
332 RAF Calshot Hampshire England
333 RAF Calveley Cheshire England
334 RAF Camaton Cornwall England
335 RAF Cambridge Cambridgeshire England
336 RAF Cammeringham Suffolk England
337 RAF Canewdon Essex England
338 RAF Canterbury Kent England
339 RAF Cardington Bedfordshire England
340 RAF Cark Lancashire England

341 RAF Carlisle (MU) Cumberland England
342 RAF Carlton Leicestershire England
343 RAF Carnaby East Riding England
344 RAF Carnaton Cornwall England
345 RAF Carn Brae Cornwall England
346 RAF Castlebar (TGW/WWI) Warwickshire England
347 RAF Castle Bromwich (TGW/WWI) Warwickshire England
348 RAF Castle Camps Essex England
349 RAF Castle Combe Wiltshire England
350 RAF Castle Donington Leicestershire England

351 RAF Catfoss North Riding England
352 RAF Catley Hill (TGW/WWI) County Durham England
353 RAF Catterick North Riding England
354 RAF Cattewater Devon England
355 RAF Caudlemere (Decoy) Norfolk England
356 RAF Cautness (Decoy) Norfolk England
357 RAF Cavenham (Decoy) Suffolk England
358 RAF Caxton Gibbet Cambridgeshire England
359 RAF Chailey (ALG) Sussex England
360 RAF Chailey (Proposed) Sussex England

361 RAF Chalgrove Oxfordshire England
362 RAF Chalk Kent England
363 RAF Chalvington (Proposed) Sussex England
364 RAF Chapel Cam Brea Cornwall England
365 RAF Chapel Rame Cornwall England
366 RAF Chapel St Leonards Lincolnshire England
367 RAF Charlton Horethorne Somerset England
368 RAF Charmy Down Somerset England
369 RAF Chatham Kent England
370 RAF Chathill Northumberland England

371 RAF Chattis Hill (TGW/WWI) Hampshire England
372 RAF Chattis Hill (WWII) Hampshire England
373 RAF Chatworth Fictitious England
374 RAF Cheadle (Radar) Staffordshire England
375 RAF Chedburgh Suffolk England
376 RAF Cheddington Buckinghamshire England
377 RAF Chedworth Gloucestershire England
378 RAF Chelmsford Essex England
379 RAF Chelveston Northamptonshire England
380 RAF Chelwood Gate Sussex England

381 RAF Chenies (Radar) Buckinghamshire England
382 RAF Cherhill Wiltshire England
383 RAF Chesil Bank (ELG/Range) Dorset England
384 RAF Chessington Surrey England
385 RAF Chester Cheshire England
386 RAF Chesterfield (TGW/WWI) Derbyshire England
387 RAF Cheswick Towers (Range) Northumberland England
388 RAF Chetwynd (SLG) Shropshire England
389 RAF Chichester (TGW/WWI) Sussex England
390 RAF Chickerell Dorset England

391 RAF Chicksands Bedfordshire England
392 RAF Chigwell Essex England
393 RAF Chilbolton Hampshire England
394 RAF Childs Ercall Shropshire England
395 RAF Chilmark (No 11 MU) Wiltshire England
396 RAF Chilwell Nottinghamshire England
397 RAF Chimney (Decoy) Oxfordshire England
398 RAF Chingford (TGW/WWI) Essex England
399 RAF Chipnall (Decoy) Oxfordshire England
400 RAF Chipping Norton Oxfordshire England

401 RAF Chipping Ongar Essex England
402 RAF Chipping Warden Oxfordshire England
403 RAF Chivenor Devon England
404 RAF Cholavarum Devon England
405 RAF Collaton Cross (Balloon) Devon England
406 RAF College Cranwell Lincolnshire England
407 RAF Collier Street (Decoy) Kent England
408 RAF Collyweston Northamptonshire England
409 RAF Colnbrook Buckinghamshire England
410 RAF Colne (Decoy) Huntingdonshire England

411 RAF Colston Fictitious England
412 RAF Coltishall Norfolk England
413 RAF Colworth (Decoy) Sussex England
414 RAF Comberton Herefordshire England
415 RAF Compton Abbot Dorset England
416 RAF Compton Bassett Wiltshire England
417 RAF Condover Shropshire England
418 RAF Coningsby Lincolnshire England
419 RAF Coolham (Decoy/ALG) Sussex England
420 RAF Cople (Decoy) Bedfordshire England

421 RAF Copmanthorpe North Riding England
422 RAF Cosford Staffordshire England
423 RAF Cosford (Hospital) Staffordshire England
424 RAF Cotgrave (Decoy) Nottinghamshire England
425 RAF Cottam East Riding England
426 RAF Cottenham Cambridgeshire England
427 RAF Cottesmore Rutland England
428 RAF Cotton (TGW/WWI) Suffolk England
429 RAF Covehythe (TGW/WWI) Suffolk England
430 RAF Coven (Decoy) Staffordshire England

431 RAF Coventry Warwickshire England
432 RAF Cowden (Radar) East Riding England
433 RAF Cowdray Park Sussex England
434 RAF Cowes Isle of Wight England
435 RAF Cowes East Isle of Wight England
436 RAF Cowley Oxfordshire England
437 RAF Coxford Heath (Decoy) Norfolk England
438 RAF Crabtree Wiltshire England
439 RAF Cramlington (TGW/WWI) Northumberland England
440 RAF Cramlington (TGW/WWI) Northumberland England

441 RAF Cranage Cheshire England
442 RAF Cranbourne Wiltshire England
443 RAF Cranfield Bedfordshire England
444 RAF Cranwell Lincolnshire England
445 RAF Cranwell (Hospital) Lincolnshire England
446 RAF Craster (Radar) Northumberland England
447 RAF Crathorne (Decoy) County Durham England
448 RAF Crayford Kent England
449 RAF Credenhill Herefordshire England
450 RAF Creignish (Radar) Isle of Man England

451 RAF Cressage (Decoy) Shropshire England
452 RAF Cresswell (Radar) Northumberland England
453 RAF Cricklade (Radar) Wiltshire England
454 RAF Croft County Durham England
455 RAF Croft Lancashire England
456 RAF Crosby-on-Eden Cumberland England
457 RAF Crossplains Staffordshire England
458 RAF Crostwick (Decoy) Norfolk England
459 RAF Croughton Northamptonshire England
460 RAF Crowfield (Proposed) Suffolk England

461 RAF Crowland Lincolnshire England
462 RAF Croydon Surrey England
463 RAF Culham Oxfordshire England
464 RAF Culmhead Somerset England
465 RAF Currock Hill Northumberland England
466 RAF Cuxwold (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
467 RAF Dagnall (Radar) Buckinghamshire England
468 RAF Dalby Isle of Man England
469 RAF Dalton North Riding England
470 RAF Damerham Hampshire England

471 RAF Danby Beacon North Riding England
472 RAF Danby Wiske North Riding England
473 RAF Darley Moor Derbyshire England
474 RAF Daventry Northamptonshire England
475 RAF Davidstow Moor Cornwall England
476 RAF Daws Hill Buckinghamshire England
477 RAF Deanland Sussex England
478 RAF Debach Suffolk England
479 RAF Debden Essex England
480 RAF Deenthorpe Northamptonshire England

481 RAF Defford Worcestershire England
482 RAF Denge (Signals) Kent England
483 RAF Dengie Essex England
484 RAF Dengie Flats (Range) Essex England
485 RAF Denham Buckinghamshire England
486 RAF Denton Northamptonshire 8England
487 RAF Deopham Green Norfolk England
488 RAF Derby (TGW/WWI) Derbyshire England
489 RAF Derby (WWII) Derbyshire England
490 RAF Desborough Northamptonshire England

491 RAF Desford Leicestershire England
492 RAF Detling Kent England
493 RAF Didsbury Lancashire England
494 RAF Difford Hampshire England
495 RAF Digby Lincolnshire England
496 RAF Dimlington North Riding England
497 RAF Dinnington Northumberland England
498 RAF Dinton Wiltshire England
499 RAF Dishforth North Riding England
500 RAF Ditchling Sussex England

501 RAF Docking Norfolk England
502 RAF Doddington Shropshire England
503 RAF Doncaster South Riding England
504 RAF Donna Nook (Decoy/Range) Lincolnshire England
505 RAF Dorrington (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
506 RAF Dover (TGW/WWI) Kent England
507 RAF Down Ampney Gloucestershire England
508 RAF Down Ampney (Hospital) Gloucestershire England
509 RAF Downderry (Radar) Cornwall England
510 RAF Down Farm (Radar) Gloucestershire England

511 RAF Downham (TGW/WWI) London England
512 RAF Downham Market Norfolk England
513 RAF Downhill (Radar) County Londonderry England
514 RAF Downholland Moss (Decoy) Lancashire England
515 RAF Drax (Decoy) North Riding of Yorkshire England
516 RAF Drayton (Decoy) Kent England
517 RAF Drayton (Decoy) Norfolk England
518 RAF Drayton Park Staffordshire England
519 RAF Driffield ? Riding England
520 RAF Druidswater (Hospital) Fictitious (TV) England

521 RAF Drytree (Radar) Cornwall England
522 RAF Dudley Worcestershire England
523 RAF Dulmen ? ?
524 RAF Duncombe Park North Riding England
525 RAF Dunderhole Point (Radar) Devon England
526 RAF Dunholme Lodge Lincolnshire England
527 RAF Dunkeswell Devon England
528 RAF Dunkeswicke (TGW/WWI) ? Riding England
529 RAF Dunkirk (Radar) Kent England
530 RAF Dunnington North Riding of Yorkshire England

531 RAF Dunsfold Surrey England
532 RAF Dunwich Suffolk England
533 RAF Durlston Head Dorset England
534 RAF Durrington Sussex England
535 RAF Duxford Cambridgeshire England
536 RAF Dymchurch Kent England
537 RAF Earls Barton Northamptonshire England
538 RAF Earls Colne Essex England
539 RAF Earls Farm Down (TGW/WWI) Hampshire England
540 RAF Earnley (TGW/WWI) Sussex England

541 RAF Earsham (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
542 RAF Easington (TGW/WWI) County Durham England
543 RAF Easington (TGW/WWI) Lancashire England
544 RAF East Boldre Hampshire England
545 RAF Eastbourne Sussex England
546 RAF Eastburn East Riding England
547 RAF Eastchurch Kent England
548 RAF Eastcote (Signals) Middlesex England
549 RAF East Down (Decoy) Wiltshire England
550 RAF East Heslerton North Riding England

551 RAF East Hill Kent England
552 RAF East Kirkby Lincolnshire England
553 RAF Eastlays (AFD) ? England
554 RAF Eastleigh Hampshire England
555 RAF East Moor North Riding England
556 RAF Eastoft ((Decoy) East Riding England
557 RAF Easton Norfolk England
558 RAF Easton on the Hill Northamptonshire England
559 RAF East Retford Nottinghamshire England
560 RAF East Wretham Norfolk England

561 RAF Eaton upon Tern Shropshire England
562 RAF Eccles Norfolk England
563 RAF Ecclesborough Lancashire England
564 RAF Ecclesfield ? Riding England
565 RAF Edderside (Decoy) Cumberland England
566 RAF Edgehill Oxfordshire England
567 RAF Edlesborough Buckinghamshire England
568 RAF Eggington Bedfordshire England
569 RAF Egmere Norfolk England
570 RAF Elford (TGW/WWI) Northumberland England

571 RAF Elford (Decoy) Northumberland England
572 RAF Ellington (Decoy/Proposed) Huntingdonshire England
573 RAF Ellough Suffolk England
574 RAF Elmbridge Worcestershire England
575 RAF Elmbridge Court Gloucestershire England
576 RAF Elmdon Warwickshire England
577 RAF Elmswell Suffolk England
578 RAF Elsham Lincolnshire England
579 RAF Elsham Wolds Lincolnshire England
580 RAF Elstree Hertfordshire England

581 RAF Elvington North Riding of Yorkshire England
582 RAF Ely (Hospital) Cambridgeshire England
583 RAF Enstone (Decoy) Oxfordshire England
584 RAF Eriswell (Decoy) Suffolk England
585 RAF Eshott Northumberland England
586 RAF Eskrick North Riding England
587 RAF Essendine (Proposed) Lincolnshire England
588 RAF Everleigh Wiltshire England
589 RAF Exeter Devon England
590 RAF Exminster Devon England

591 RAF Exmouth (ASR) Devon England
592 RAF Exning Huntingdonshire England
593 RAF Exton Hall Rutland England
594 RAF Eye Suffolk England
595 RAF Eynsford Kent England
596 RAF Eynsham Oxfordshire England
597 RAF Fairford Gloucestershire England
598 RAF Fairlight Kent England
599 RAF Fairlop (TGW/WWI) Essex England
600 RAF Fairlop Essex England

601 RAF Fairoaks Surrey England
602 RAF Faldingworth Lincolnshire England
603 RAF Falmouth Cornwall England
604 RAF Farleigh Common Middlesex England
605 RAF Farnborough Hampshire England
606 RAF Farnham Castle Surrey England
607 RAF Farningham (TGW/WWI Aux LG) Kent England
608 RAF Fauld Staffordshire England
609 RAF Fawler (Decoy) Oxfordshire England
610 RAF Faygate Sussex England

611 RAF Fazackerley Lancashire England
612 RAF Felixstowe Suffolk England
613 RAF Feltham Middlesex England
614 RAF Feltwell Norfolk England
615 RAF Fersfield Norfolk England
616 RAF Filey Camp East Riding of Yorkshire England
617 RAF Filey Town East Riding of Yorkshire England
618 RAF Filton Somersetshire England
619 RAF Finedon (Proposed) Northamptonshire England
620 RAF Finmere Buckinghamshire England

621 RAF Finningley South Riding England
622 RAF Firbeck South Riding England
623 RAF Fiskerton Lincolnshire England
624 RAF Flamborough Head East Riding England
625 RAF Flookburgh Cumberland England
626 RAF Flowerdown Wiltshire England
627 RAF Foldingworth Lincolnshire England
628 RAF Folkestone Kent England
629 RAF Folkingham (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
630 RAF Ford Sussex England

631 RAF Ford Farm Wiltshire England
632 RAF Ford Junction Sussex England
633 RAF Foreland Isle of Wight England
634 RAF Foreness Point Kent England
635 RAF Formby Lancashire England
636 RAF Foston (Decoy) Leicestershire England
637 RAF Foulsham Norfolk England
638 RAF Fowey (MCU) Cornwall England
639 RAF Fowlmere Cambridgeshire England
640 RAF Fradley Staffordshire England

641 RAF Framlington Suffolk England
642 RAF Frating (Radar) Essex England
643 RAF Freckleton Lancashire England
644 RAF Freethorpe Norfolk England
645 RAF Freiston Lincolnshire England
646 RAF Frettenham Norfolk England
647 RAF Frinstead (TGW/WWI) Kent England
648 RAF Frinstead (TGW/WWI) Kent England
649 RAF Friston Sussex England
650 RAF Frithville Lincolnshire England

651 RAF Frost Hill Farm Hampshire England
652 RAF Froyle (Decoy) Hampshire England
653 RAF Fulbeck Lincolnshire England
654 RAF Full Sutton North Riding England
655 RAF Fulmodeston (Decoy) Norfolk England
656 RAF Funtingdon Sussex England
657 RAF Fyfield Oxfordshire England
658 RAF Fylingdales North Riding England
659 RAF Gaddesby Leicestershire England
660 RAF Gainsborough Lincolnshire England

661 RAF Gamston Nottinghamshire England
662 RAF Garbutt Farm (Decoy) North Riding of Yorkshire England
663 RAF Gately (Decoy) Norfolk England
664 RAF Gatwick Surrey England
665 RAF Gautby (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
666 RAF Gaydon Warwickshire England
667 RAF Gibbet Hill (Radar) Surrey England
668 RAF Gibraltar Point Lincolnshire England
669 RAF Gilling North Riding of Yorkshire England
670 RAF Gillingham Kent England

671 RAF Gisburn (FFP) West Riding of Yorkshire England
672 RAF Gislingham (Decoy) Suffolk England
673 RAF Glatton Huntingdonshire England
674 RAF Glentham Lincolnshire England
675 RAF Gloucester Gloucestershire England
676 RAF Glympton (Decoy) Oxfordshire England
677 RAF Godalming Surrey England
678 RAF Godmanchester Huntingdonshire England
679 RAF Godmersham Park Kent England
680 RAF Golden Hill (Balloon) Isle of Wight England

681 RAF Golder Manor (Decoy) Oxfordshire England
682 RAF Goldhanger (TGW/WWI) Essex England
683 RAF Goldington (TGW/WWI) Bedfordshire England
684 RAF Goldsborough (Radar) North Riding of Yorkshire England
685 RAF Goodestone Warren Norfolk England
686 RAF Goonhilly Downs (Decoy) Cornwall England
687 RAF Goosepool County Durham England
688 RAF Gorham (Radar) ? England
689 RAF Goring by Sea Sussex England
690 RAF Gorleston (ASR) Norfolk England

691 RAF Gosberton (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
692 RAF Gosfield Essex England
693 RAF Gosforth Park (TGW/WWI) Northumberland England
694 RAF Gosport (TGW/WWI) Hampshire England
695 RAF Goxhill (Proposed) Lincolnshire England
696 RAF Goxhill (WWII) Lincolnshire England
697 RAF Grafham (Decoy) Huntingdonshire England
698 RAF Grafton Underwood Northamptonshire England
699 RAF Grain (TGW/WWI) Kent England
700 RAF Grangetown (Decoy) County Durham England

701 RAF Gransden Lodge Bedfordshire England
702 RAF Grantham Lincolnshire England
703 RAF Grantham St Vincents Lincolnshire England
705 RAF Graveley Huntingdonshire England
706 RAF Gravesend Kent England
707 RAF Great Altcar (Decoy) Lancashire England
708 RAF Great Ashfield Suffolk England
709 RAF Great Bromley Essex England
800 RAF Great Dunmow Essex England

801 RAF Great Eversden (Decoy) Cambridgeshire England
802 RAF Greatfriars Suffolk England
803 RAF Greatham County Durham England
804 RAF Greatham Hampshire England
805 RAF Great Hucklow Derbyshire England
806 RAF Great Limber Lincolnshire England
807 RAF Great Massingham Norfolk England
808 RAF Great Ness Shropshire England
809 RAF Great Orton Cumberland England
810 RAF Great Sailing Essex England

811 RAF Great Sampford Essex England
812 RAF Great Shefford Wiltshire England
813 RAF Great Whitcombe Gloucestershire England
814 RAF Greatworth (SU) Oxfordshire England
815 RAF Great Yarmouth (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
816 RAF Great Yarmouth (WWII) Norfolk England
817 RAF Greenham Common Berkshire England
818 RAF Greenland Top Lincolnshire England
819 RAF Great Mill ? England
820 RAF Grendon Underwood Oxfordshire England

821 RAF Grimsby Lincolnshire England
822 RAF Grimsditch (Hospital) Wiltshire England
823 RAF Grimsthorpe Park Lincolnshire England
824 RAF Grove Wiltshire England
825 RAF Grove Park Nottinghamshire England
826 RAF Grove Park Kent England
827 RAF Guilton Kent England
828 RAF Gumber (Decoy) Sussex England
829 RAF Guston Road Kent England
830 RAF Hack Green (Radar) Cheshire England

831 RAF Haddenham (Decoy) Buckinghamshire England
832 RAF Hadleigh Suffolk England
833 RAF Hagnagy Lincolnshire England
834 RAF Hainault Farm Essex England
835 RAF Haldon Devon England
836 RAF Halesworth Suffolk England
837 RAF Halfpenny Field Fictitious England
838 RAF Halfpenny Green Staffordshire England
839 RAF Hall Caine Isle of Man England
840 RAF Halton Buckinghamshire England

841 RAF Halton Park Buckinghamshire England
842 RAF (Hospital) Halton Buckinghamshire England
843 RAF Hamble Hampshire England
844 RAF Hambleton (Decoy) North Riding England
845 RAF Hamelin (Fictitious) Hertfordshire England
846 RAF Hammer Dyke (Decoy) Kent England
847 RAF Hammerwood Sussex England
848 RAF Hampstead Norris Berkshire England
849 RAF Hamworthy Dorset England
850 RAF Handforth Lancashire England

851 RAF Hanworth Surrey England
852 RAF Happisburgh Norfolk England
853 RAF Harborough Lincolnshire England
854 RAF Hardmead (Decoy) Bedfordshire England
855 RAF Hardwich Park Hall Derbyshire England
856 RAF Hardwick Norfolk England
857 RAF Haresfield (Decoy) Gloucestershire England
858 RAF Harlaxton Lincolnshire England
859 RAF Harley (Decoy) Shropshire England
860 RAF Harling Road Norfolk England

861 RAF Harough Lincolnshire England
862 RAF Harpswell Lincolnshire England
863 RAF Harpur Hill Derbyshire England
864 RAF Harrietsham Kent England
865 RAF Harrington Northamptonshire England
866 RAF Harrogate North Riding England
867 RAF Harrow Middlesex England
868 RAF Harrowbeer Devon England
869 RAF Hartfield Sussex England
870 RAF Hartford Bridge Flats Hampshire England

871 RAF Hartland Hill Devon England
872 RAF Hartland Point (Radar) Devon England
873 RAF Hartlebury (MU) Worcestershire England
874 RAF Hartley Crag (Radar) Northumberland England
875 RAF Hartley Magna (Fictitious) Oxfordshire England
876 RAF Harty Kent England
877 RAF Harwell Berkshire England
878 RAF Haslington (Decoy) Lancashire England
879 RAF Hatfield Hertfordshire England
880 RAF Hatfield Woodhouse South Riding England

881 RAF Hawcoat Cumberland England
882 RAF Hawgreen Shropshire England
883 RAF Hawkinge Kent England
884 RAF Hawkshill Down Kent England
885 RAF Hawksmere Fictitious England
886 RAF Hawthorn County Durham England
887 RAF Haydock Park Lancashire England
888 RAF Hay House (Hospital) Devon England
889 RAF Hazelmere Buckinghamshire England
890 RAF Headcorn Kent England

891 RAF Headley Court (JSRU) Surrey England
892 RAF Heathrow Middlesex England
893 RAF Heaton Park Lancashire England
894 RAF Hednesford Staffordshire England
895 RAF Hedon South Riding of Yorkshire England
896 RAF Heigham Holmes (ALG) Norfolk England
897 RAF Helmond North Riding of Yorkshire England
898 RAF Helperby North Riding of Yorkshire England
899 RAF Hempnall (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
900 RAF Hempstead (Decoy) Kent England

901 RAF Hemswell Lincolnshire England
902 RAF Hendon Middlesex England
903 RAF Henfield Sussex England
904 RAF Hengisbury Head ? ?
905 RAF Heningley North Riding England
906 RAF Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire England
907 RAF Henlow Bedfordshire England
908 RAF Henlow (Hospital) Bedfordshire England
909 RAF Hepworth Suffolk England
910 RAF Hereford Herefordshire England

911 RAF Hermitage Buckinghamshire England
912 RAF Herne Bay Kent England
913 RAF Heronfield Warwickshire England
914 RAF Herswell ? England
915 RAF Hesketh Park Lancashire England
916 RAF Heslington North Riding England
917 RAF Heston Middlesex England
918 RAF Hethal Norfolk England
919 RAF Heywood Lancashire England
920 RAF Hibaldstow Lincolnshire England

921 RAF Hickling Broad Norfolk England
922 RAF High Buston Northumberland England
923 RAF Highdown Hill Sussex England
924 RAF High Ercall Shropshire England
925 RAF Highgate London England
926 RAF High Halden Kent England
927 RAF High Post Wiltshire England
928 RAF High Roding (Proposed) Essex England
929 RAF High Street Suffolk England
930 RAF High Wittle (Radar) Northumberland England

931 RAF High Wycombe (HQ) Buckinghamshire England
932 RAF Hillborough (Decoy) Norfolk England
933 RAF Hill House Middlesex England
934 RAF Hillingdon Middlesex England
935 RAF Hingham (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
936 RAF Hinstock Shropshire England
937 RAF Hintlesham Shropshire England
938 RAF Hinton-in-the-Hedges Northamptonshire England
939 RAF Hixon Staffordshire England
940 RAF Hoar Cross Staffordshire England

941 RAF Hoare (Radar) ? England
942 RAF Hockering Norfolk England
943 RAF Hockley Heath Warwickshire England
944 RAF Hodnet Shropshire England
945 RAF Holbeach (Range) Lincolnshire England
946 RAF Holbeach St John’s (Range) Lincolnshire England
947 RAF Hollesley on the Heath (Decoy) Suffolk England
948 RAF Holme-on-Spalding Moor East Riding of Yorkshire England
949 RAF Holmpton North Riding of Yorkshire England
950 RAF Holmsley South Hampshire England

951 RAF Holt Norfolk England
952 RAF Holton Suffolk England
953 RAF Holywell Hyde Hertfordshire England
954 RAF Homes Farm Norfolk England
955 RAF Honeybourne Gloucestershire England
956 RAF Honiley Warwickshire England
957 RAF Honington (RAF Regt Depot) Suffolk England
958 RAF Honiton Devon/Cornwall England
959 RAF Hook (Decoy) Surrey England
960 RAF Hooton Park Cheshire England

961 RAF Hope Cove Devon England
962 RAF Hopston Norfolk England
963 RAF Hopton Norfolk England
964 RAF Horham Suffolk England
965 RAF Hornby Hall Cumberland England
966 RAF Hornchurch Essex England
967 RAF Horne Surrey England
968 RAF Hornsea Mere (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
969 RAF Hornsea Mere (WWII Decoy) Lincolnshire England
970 RAF Horsegate County Durham England

971 RAF Horseheath (Decoy) Cambridgeshire England
972 RAF Horsey Toll Cambridgeshire England
973 RAF Horsham St Faith Norfolk England
974 RAF Horsley (Decoy) Gloucestershire England
975 RAF Houghton (Decoy) Wiltshire England
976 RAF Hounslow Middlesex England
977 RAF Howden East Riding of Yorkshire England
978 RAF Hucclecote Gloucestershire England
979 RAF Hucknall Nottinghamshire England
980 RAF Huggate Wold North Riding of Yorkshire England

981 RAF Hullavington Wiltshire England
982 RAF Humberstone (Radar) Lincolnshire England
983 RAF Hungerford Berkshire England
984 RAF Hunmanby Moor North Riding of Yorkshire England
985 RAF Hunsdon Hertfordshire England
986 RAF Hunstanton Norfolk England
987 RAF Hunton Kent England
988 RAF Hurn Hampshire England
989 RAF Hurstbourne Park (Decoy) Hampshire England
990 RAF Hurst Park Kent England

991 RAF Hurstpierpoint (Proposed ELG) Sussex England
992 RAF Husbands Bosworth Leicestershire England
993 RAF Hutton Cranswick East Riding of Yorkshire England
994 RAF Hutton-in-the-Forest Cumberland England
995 RAF Hykeham Lincolnshire England
996 RAF Hylton County Durham England
997 RAF Hythe Hampshire England
998 RAF Hythe Kent England
999 RAF Ibsley Hampshire England
1000 RAF Iddlesleigh Devon England

1001 RAF Immingham Lincolnshire England
1002 RAF Ingatestone (Proposed) Essex England
1003 RAF Ingham Lincolnshire England
1004 RAF Ingham Suffolk England
1005 RAF Ingoldmells Lincolnshire England
1006 RAF Innsworth Gloucestershire England
1007 RAF Innsworth Lane Gloucestershire England
1008 RAF Inskip Lancashire England
1009 RAF Ipswich Suffolk England
1010 RAF Isle Abbotts Somerset England

1011 RAF Isle of Grain Kent England
1012 RAF Iver Buckinghamshire England
1013 RAF Ixworth (Decoy) Suffolk England
1014 RAF Jacka Point (Radar) Cornwall England
1015 RAF Jersey Channel Islands England
1016 RAF Joyce Green (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1017 RAF Jurby Isle of Man England
1018 RAF Jurby Head (Range) Isle of Man England
1019 RAF Keevil Wiltshire England
1020 RAF Kelfield North Riding of Yorkshire England

1021 RAF Kelmscott Oxfordshire England
1022 RAF Kelstern (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
1023 RAF Kelstern (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1024 RAF Kelvedon Hatch (Radar) Essex England
1025 RAF Kemberton Shropshire England
1026 RAF Kemble (MU) Gloucestershire England
1027 RAF Kenley Surrey England
1028 RAF Kenshall ? England
1029 RAF Kettleness (TGW/WWI) North Riding England
1030 RAF Kettleness (Radar) North Riding England

1031 RAF Kidbrooke (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1032 RAF Kiddington Oxfordshire England
1033 RAF Kidlington Oxfordshire England
1034 RAF Kidney (Radar) ? England
1035 RAF Kilham (Decoy) East Yorkshire of Riding England
1036 RAF Killingholme (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
1037 RAF Kimbolton Huntingdonshire England
1038 RAF Kimmeridge (Radar) Dorset England
1039 RAF King’s Cliffe Northamptonshire England
1040 RAF Kingsdown Kent England

1041 RAF Kings Hill Kent England
1042 RAF Kings Lynn Norfolk England
1043 RAF Kingsmere (Radar) Devon England
1044 RAF Kingsmere (Fictitious) Essex England
1045 RAF Kingsnorth (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1046 RAF Kingsnorth (ALG WWII) Kent England
1047 RAF Kingston (Radar) ? England
1048 RAF Kingston Bagpuize Oxfordshire England
1049 RAF Kingston Warren (Decoy) Berkshire England
1050 RAF Kingston Wood Oxfordshire England

1051 RAF Kingstown Cumberland England
1052 RAF Kingswear (Radar) Devon England
1053 RAF Kingswell Wiltshire England
1054 RAF Kinley Hill County Durham England
1055 RAF Kinnersley (Decoy) Shropshire England
1056 RAF Kirbymoorside North Riding of Yorkshire England
1057 RAF Kirkandrews (EFTS) Cumberland England
1058 RAF Kirkbride Cumberland England
1059 RAF Kirkby Mallory (SLG) Leicestershire England
1060 RAF Kirkham (S of TT) Lancashire England

1061 RAF Kirkham (Hospital) Lancashire England
1062 RAF Kirkleatham (TGW/WWI) North Riding England
1063 RAF Kirkley Hill Northumberland England
1064 RAF Kirmington (RLG) Lincolnshire England
1065 RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
1066 RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey (WWII) Lincolnshire England
1067 RAF Kneeton (Decoy) Nottinghamshire England
1068 RAF Knettishall Suffolk England
1069 RAF Knighton (Decoy) Dorset England
1070 RAF Knights Farm (Radar) Berkshire England

1071 RAF Knitson (Radio) Dorset England
1072 RAF Knowsley Park (SLG) Lancashire England
1073 RAF Kynance Cornwall England
1074 RAF Lacey Green Buckinghamshire England
1075 RAF Laira Dorset England
1076 RAF Lake Down Wiltshire England
1077 RAF Lakenheath Warren (Decoy) Suffolk England
1078 RAF Lambton Park County Durham England
1079 RAF Langar Nottinghamshire England
1080 RAF Langham Norfolk England

1081 RAF Langley Buckinghamshire England
1082 RAF Langley Lane (Radar) Lancashire England
1083 RAF Langtoft (Radar) Lincolnshire England
1084 RAF Larkhill Wiltshire England
1085 RAF Larks Barrow Hampshire England
1086 RAF Langley Buckinghamshire England
1087 RAF Lasham Hampshire England
1088 RAF Lashenden Kent England
1089 RAF Lavendon Bedfordshire England
1090 RAF Lavenham Suffolk England

1091 RAF Lawford Heath Warwickshire England
1092 RAF Leadenham Lincolnshire England
1093 RAF Leamington Spa Warwickshire England
1094 RAF Leavesdon Hertfordshire England
1095 RAF Leconfield East Riding England
1096 RAF Leeming North Riding England
1097 RAF Lee-on-the-Solent Hampshire England
1098 RAF Leicester East Leicestershire England
1099 RAF Leigh Green Kent England
1100 RAF Leighterton Gloucestershire England

1101 RAF Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire England
1102 RAF Leiston Suffolk England
1103 RAF Lemington Hastings (Decoy) Warwickshire England
1104 RAF Lenham (Decoy) Kent England
1105 RAF Leonard (Radar) ? England
1106 RAF Levington Suffolk England
1107 RAF Lewsey Farm Bedfordshire England
1108 RAF Leysdown Kent England
1109 RAF Lichfield Staffordshire England
1110 RAF Lidgate (Decoy) Suffolk England

1111 RAF Lidsing Kent England
1112 RAF Lilbourne Warwickshire England
1113 RAF Lime Grove/Eastcote (Signals) Middlesex England
1114 RAF Lincoln Lincolnshire England
1115 RAF Lincoln West Lincolnshire England
1116 RAF Lindholme West Riding of Yorkshire England
1117 RAF Linley Shropshire England
1118 RAF Linton on Ouse North Riding England
1119 RAF Lissett East Riding of Yorkshire England
1120 RAF Little Bazeley (Fictitious) Norfolk England

1121 RAF Little Downham Staffordshire England
1122 RAF Little Gidding (Decoy) Northamptonshire England
1123 RAF Little Heath (FFD) Suffolk England
1124 RAF Little Horwood Buckinghamshire England
1125 RAF Littleport (Decoy) Suffolk England
1126 RAF (Hospital) Littleport Suffolk England
1127 RAF Little Rissington Gloucestershire England
1128 RAF Little Snoring Norfolk England
1129 RAF Little Staughton Huntingdonshire England
1130 RAF Littlestone (TGW/WWI) ? England

1131 RAF Little Sutton Cheshire England
1132 RAF Little Walden Essex England
1133 RAF Littleworth Staffordshire England
1134 RAF Locking (S of TT) Somerset England
1135 RAF Lofthouse ? Riding of Yorkshire England
1136 RAF London Colney Hertfordshire England
1137 RAF Longbenton (Radio) Northumberland England
1138 RAF Longbridge Worcestershire England
1139 RAF Longdon (Decoy) Worcestershire England
1140 RAF Longford (Decoy) ? England

1141 RAF Longhorsley Northumberland England
1142 RAF Longhoughton (Decoy) Northumberland England
1143 RAF Long Lane Buckinghamshire England
1144 RAF Longley Lane Lancashire England
1145 RAF Long Marston Warwickshire England
1146 RAF Long Newnton Gloucestershire England
1147 RAF Longney (Decoy) ? England
1148 RAF Longparish Hampshire England
1149 RAF Longside (TGW/WWI) Cumberland England
1150 RAF Long Sutton Lincolnshire England

1151 RAF Longtown Cumberland England
1152 RAF Lopcombe Corner Hampshire England
1153 RAF Lord’s Bridge (FFD/FAD) Cambridgeshire England
1154 RAF Loughborough Leicestershire England
1155 RAF Lower Beeding (TGW/WWI) Sussex England
1156 RAF Lower Beeding (WWII/Decoy) Sussex England
1157 RAF Lowestoft Suffolk England
1158 RAF Lowick (Decoy) Northumberland England
1159 RAF Low Moor (Decoy) North Riding of Yorkshire England
1160 RAF Lowthorpe East Riding of Yorkshire England

1161 RAF Lower Beeding (TGW/WWI) Sussex England
1162 RAF Lower Beeding (WWII/Decoy) Sussex England
1163 RAF Lowestoft Suffolk England
1164 RAF Lowick (Decoy) Northumberland England
1165 RAF Low Moor (Decoy) North Riding of Yorkshire England
1166 RAF Lowthorpe East Riding of Yorkshire England
1167 RAF Ludborough (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1168 RAF Luddesdown (Decoy) Kent England
1169 RAF Ludford Park Camp Shropshire England
1170 RAF Ludford Magna Lincolnshire England

1171 RAF Ludham Norfolk England
1172 RAF Ludlow Shropshire England
1173 RAF Lullingstone Kent England
1174 RAF Lulsgate Bottom Somerset England
1175 RAF Luton Bedfordshire England
1176 RAF Lydd (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1177 RAF Lydd (WWII/ALG) Kent England
1178 RAF Lyme Regis Dorset England
1179 RAF Lymington Hampshire England
1180 RAF Lympne (EGW/WWI) Kent England

1181 RAF Lympne (WWII) Kent England
1182 RAF Lyneham Wiltshire England
1183 RAF Lytham St Anne’s Lancashire England
1184 RAF Lytham St Anne’s (Radar) Lancashire England
1185 RAF Mablethorpe (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1186 RAF Madley Herefordshire England
1187 RAF Maldon (Proposed) Essex England
1188 RAF Malmesbury Wiltshire England
1189 RAF Manby Lincolnshire England
1190 RAF Manfield (Radar) ? England

1191 RAF Manningford Wiltshire England
1192 RAF Mannywell Heights (TGW/WWI) West Riding England
1193 RAF Manorbier Pembrokeshire England
1194 RAF Manston Kent England
1195 RAF Manton Hill Devon England
1196 RAF March Fictitious England
1197 RAF Marchington Derbyshire England
1198 RAF Marconi Down Gloucestershire England
1199 RAF Marden Kent England
1200 RAF Mardenbridge Fictitious England

1201 RAF Marham Norfolk England
1202 RAF Market Deeping Lincolnshire England
1203 RAF Market Drayton Shropshire England
1204 RAF Market Harborough Leicestershire England
1205 RAF Market Rasen Lincolnshire England
1206 RAF Market Stainton Lincolnshire England
1207 RAF Mark’s Castle Cornwall England
1208 RAF Marlborough Wiltshire England
1209 RAF Marsden (Radar) County Durham England
1210 RAF Marsh Chapel (Decoy) Lincolnshire England

1211 RAF Marsham (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
1212 RAF Marske (TGW/WWI) North Riding of Yorkshire England
1213 RAF Marston Moor North Riding of Yorkshire England
1214 RAF Marsworth Buckinghamshire England
1215 RAF Martlesham Heath Suffolk England
1216 RAF Marwell Hall Hampshire England
1217 RAF Matching Essex England
1218 RAF Mathams Wood (ALG) Hertfordshire England
1219 RAF Matlaske Norfolk England
1220 RAF Matlock (Hospital) Nottinghamshire England

1221 RAF Mattishall (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
1222 RAF Maxey (Decoy) Cambridgeshire England
1223 RAF Maxstoke (Decoy) Warwickshire England
1224 RAF Maylands Kent England
1225 RAF Medmenham Buckinghamshire England
1226 RAF Meir Staffordshire England
1227 RAF Melbourne North Riding of Yorkshire England
1228 RAF Melchbourne Hall Park (FFD) Bedfordshire England
1229 RAF Melksham Wiltshire England
1230 RAF Melton Mowbray (TGW/WWI) Leicestershire England

1231 RAF Melton Mowbray (WWII) Leicestershire England
1232 RAF Membury Berkshire England
1233 RAF Mendlesham Suffolk England
1234 RAF Menthorpe South Riding of Yorkshire England
1235 RAF Menwith Hill North Riding of Yorkshire England
1236 RAF Mepal Cambridgeshire England
1237 RAF Mere Branston (Radar) Lincolnshire England
1238 RAF Meriden ? England
1239 RAF Merifield Cornwall England
1240 RAF Merrow (SLG) Lancashire England

1241 RAF Merryfield Somerset England
1242 RAF Merryhill ? England
1243 RAF Mertson Sussex England
1244 RAF Metfield Suffolk England
1245 RAF Metheringham Lincolnshire England
1246 RAF Methwold (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
1247 RAF Methwold (WWII) Norfolk England
1248 RAF Methwold Severalls (Decoy) Norfolk England
1249 RAF Micheldever Hampshire England
1250 RAF Middle Farm (SLG) Oxfordshire England

1251 RAF Middleton (Decoy) County Durham England
1252 RAF Middleton St George County Durham England
1253 RAF Middle Wallop Hampshire England
1254 RAF Midham Fictitious England
1255 RAF Midhurst (Hospital) Surrey England
1256 RAF Midley (Decoy) Kent England
1357 RAF Mildenhall Suffolk England
1258 RAF Milfield Northumberland England
1259 RAF Millerton (Fictitious) Suffolk England
1260 RAF Mill Green (S of AC) Hertfordshire England

1261 RAF Mill Hill Suffolk England
1262 RAF Millom Cumberland England
1263 RAF Millside ? England
1264 RAF Milton Cambridgeshire England
1265 RAF Minchinhampton (TGW/WWI) Gloucestershire England
1266 RAF Minton (Fictitious) ? England
1267 RAF Misson (Range/Thor) Nottinghamshire England
1268 RAF Mitchet Fictitious England
1269 RAF Molesworth Huntingdonshire England
1270 RAF Monkmoor Shropshire England

1271 RAF Monks Risborough (Y Sigs) Buckinghamshire England
1272 RAF Monkton (Decoy) Kent England
1273 RAF Monkton Farleigh (Decoy) Wiltshire England
1274 RAF Montford Bridge Shropshire England
1275 RAF Moorby (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
1276 RAF Morecambe Lancashire England
1277 RAF Moreton (TGW/WWI) Dorset England
1278 RAF Moreton in Marsh Gloucestershire England
1279 RAF Moreton Valence Gloucestershire England
1280 RAF Morpeth Northumberland England

1281 RAF Morton Hall Lincolnshire England
1282 RAF Mossy Bottom Sussex England
1283 RAF Mottram (Decoy) Cheshire England
1284 RAF Mount Batten Devon England
1285 RAF Mount Farm Oxfordshire England
1286 RAF Mountnessing Essex England
1287 RAF Mount Wise Devon England
1288 RAF Mousehold Heath (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
1289 RAF Much Binding in the Marsh Fictitious England
1290 RAF Mullion Cornwall England

1291 RAF Multrum (Fictitious) Bedfordshire England
1292 RAF Murton North Riding of Yorkshire England
1293 RAF Nacton Norfolk England
1294 RAF Narborough Norfolk England
1295 RAF Nazeing Essex England
1296 RAF Neasam Croft North Riding of Yorkshire England
1297 RAF Neatishead Norfolk England
1298 RAF Nedge Hill (Radar) Shropshire England
1299 RAF Nedging (Decoy) Suffolk England
1300 RAF Needles (Radar) Isle of Wight England

1301 RAF Netherthorpe Nottinghamshire England
1302 RAF Netherton (Decoy) Worcestershire England
1303 RAF Nether Wallop Hampshire England
1304 RAF New Bay Hampshire England
1305 RAF Newcastle (TGW/WWI) Northumberland England
1306 RAF Newcastle (WWII) Northumberland England
1307 RAF New Chapel Surrey England
1308 RAF Newchurch (ALG) Kent England
1309 RAF Newdigate Surrey England
1310 RAF Newford Scilly Isles England

1311 RAF Newforeland (Radar) Kent England
1312 RAF New Haggerston Northumberland England
1313 RAF Newhaven {TGW/WWI) Sussex England
1314 RAF Newhaven (MCU WWII) Sussex England
1315 RAF New Holland Lincolnshire England
1316 RAF Newland Gloucestershire England
1317 RAF Newlyn (TGW/WWI) Cornwall England
1318 RAF Newlyn (ASR WWII) Cornwall England
1319 RAF Newmarket Heath Suffolk England
1320 RAF Newquay (ITW WWII) Cornwall England

1321 RAF New Romney (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1322 RAF New Romney (ALG WWII) Kent England
1323 RAF Newton Cheshire England
1324 RAF Newton Nottinghamshire England
1325 RAF Newton Hertfordshire England
1326 RAF Newton Suffolk England
1327 RAF Newton Bay Hampshire England
1328 RAF Newton Ferrers Devon England
1329 RAF Newton Poppleford Devon England
1330 RAF Needs Oar Point (ALG) Hampshire England

1331 RAF Neethley Fictitious England
1332 RAF Netheravon Wiltshire England
1333 RAF New Zealand Farm Wiltshire England
1334 RAF Niton Isle of Wight England
1335 RAF Hospital Nocton Hall Lincolnshire England
1336 RAF Normanby Lincolnshire England
1337 RAF Northam (Range) Devon England
1338 RAF North Benfleet (TGW/WWI) ? England
1339 RAF North Coates Lincolnshire England
1340 RAF North Coates Fittes Lincolnshire England

1341 RAF North Creake (Decoy) Norfolk England
1342 RAF Northdown Kent England
1343 RAF North Elmham (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
1344 RAF Northey (Radar) Devon England
1345 RAF North Foreland Kent England
1346 RAF North Killingholme Lincolnshire England
1347 RAF Northleach Leicestershire England
1348 RAF North Lodge County Durham England
1349 RAF North Luffenham Leicestershire England
1350 RAF Northolt Middlesex England

1351 RAF North Pickenham Norfolk England
1352 RAF Northstead Northumberland England
1353 RAF North Stoke (SLG) Somerset England
1354 RAF North Tuddenham (Decoy) Norfolk England
1355 RAF North Weald Essex England
1356 RAF North Weald Bassett Essex England
1357 RAF North Witham Lincolnshire England
1358 RAF Northwood (HQ Command) Middlesex England
1359 RAF Norton Middlesex England
1360 RAF Norton South Riding England

1361 RAF Norton Disney/Swinderby Lincolnshire England
1362 RAF Norton Woodseats Derbyshire England
1363 RAF Oakham Rutland England
1364 RAF Oakhangar Hampshire England
1365 RAF Oakington Cambridgeshire England
1366 RAF Oakley Buckinghamshire England
1367 RAF Oakley (Fictitious) Gloucestershire England
1368 RAF Oatlands Hill Wiltshire England
1369 RAF Odiham Hampshire England
1370 RAF Okehampton Devon England

1371 RAF Old Buckenham Norfolk England
1372 RAF Old Catton Norfolk England
1373 RAF Oldham (TGW/WWI) Lancashire England
1374 RAF Old Hurst (Radar) ? England
1375 RAF Old Sarum Wiltshire England
1376 RAF Old Warden Bedfordshire England
1377 RAF Ollerton Shropshire England
1378 RAF Orange Yeoman Cheshire England
1379 RAF Orby Lincolnshire England
1380 RAF Orford Ness Suffolk England

1381 RAF Orpington Middlesex England
1382 RAF Orsett Essex England
1383 RAF Orston Nottinghamshire England
1384 RAF Orton (TGW/WWI) Cambridgeshire England
1385 RAF Ossington (Decoy) Nottinghamshire England
1386 RAF Otmoor (Decoy) Northamptonshire England
1387 RAF Ottercops Moss (Radar) Northumberland England
1388 RAF Oulton Norfolk England
1389 RAF Ouston Northumberland England
1390 RAF Overley Gloucestershire England

1391 RAF Overton Heath Wiltshire England
1392 RAF Owersby (Decoy) South Riding of Yorkshire England
1393 RAF Oweston Ferry (Decoy) South Riding of Yorkshire England
1394 RAF Owthorne (TGW/WWI) East Riding of Yorkshire England
1395 RAF Owthorpe (TGW/WWI) East Riding of Yorkshire England
1396 RAF Oxenhope Moor Buckinghamshire England
1397 RAF Packington (Fictitious) Staffordshire England
1398 RAF Padgate Lancashire England
1399 RAF Padgate (Hospital) Lancashire England
1400 RAF Padstow (TGW/WWI) Cornwall England

1401 RAF Paignton (ITW WWII Devon England
1402 RAF Painthorpe (Fictitious) Norfolk England
1403 RAF Palmers Farm (TGW/WWI) Essex England
1404 RAF Panshangar Herefordshire England
1405 RAF Papplewick Moor (TGW/WWI) Nottinghamshire England
1406 RAF Park Hall Hills Staffordshire England
1407 RAF Parkland Cheshire England
1408 RAF Patchway (Decoy) Somerset England
1409 RAF Patrington (Radar) East Riding England
1410 RAF Pawlett Somerset England

1411 RAF Peckleton Leicestershire England
1412 RAF Pelutho Cumberland England
1413 RAF Pen Olver (Radar) Cornwall England
1414 RAF Pen Park (Range) Somerset England
1415 RAF Pendeford Staffordshire England
1416 RAF Penhale Sands (Decoy) Cornwall England
1417 RAF Penhallow Cornwall England
1418 RAF Penkridge Staffordshire England
1419 RAF Penshurst Kent England
1420 RAF Pentridge (TGW/WWI) Dorset England

1421 RAF Peplow Shropshire England
1422 RAF Perranporth Cornwall England
1423 RAF Pershore Worcestershire England
1424 RAF Perth (TGW/WWI) Perthshire England
1425 RAF Perth (WWII) Perthshire England
1426 RAF Perton Fern Fields (TGW/WWI) Staffordshire England
1427 RAF Peterborough Northamptonshire England
1428 RAF Peterhead Aberdeenshire England
1429 RAF Peterhead Bay Aberdeenshire England
1430 RAF Petersham Lincolnshire England

1431 RAF Pevensey Sussex England
1432 RAF Pickworth (Decoy) Rutland England
1433 RAF Picton North Riding of Yorkshire England
1434 RAF Pillerton Priors (Decoy) Warwickshire England
1435 RAF Pinetrees (Radar) Buckinghamshire England
1436 RAF Pirbright Kent England
1437 RAF Pitton (Decoy) Wiltshire England
1438 RAF Plainville (RLG/Scatter) North Riding England
1439 RAF Plough Corner Essex England
1440 RAF Pluckley Kent England

1441 RAF Plumstead Marshes (TGW/WWI) Greater London England
1442 RAF Plungar Nottinghamshire England
1443 RAF Plymouth (RCC) Devon England
1444 RAF Plympton (Radar) Devon England
1445 RAF Pocklington North Riding England
1446 RAF Podington Bedfordshire England
1447 RAF Polebrook Northamptonshire England
1448 RAF Polegate Sussex England
1449 RAF Poling Sussex England
1450 RAF Poltimore Park (Radar/HQ Gp) Devon England

1451 RAF Pontefract (TGW/WWI) West Riding of Yorkshire England
1452 RAF Ponteland (TGW/WWI) Northumberland England
1453 RAF Portholme Meadow Huntingdonshire England
1454 RAF Portland (TGW/WWI) Devon England
1455 RAF Portland (Radar) Devon England
1456 RAF Port Meadow Oxfordshire England
1457 RAF Portmellon (TGW/WWI) Cornwall England
1458 RAF Port of Richborough Kent England
1459 RAF Porton Down Wiltshire England
1460 RAF Portreath Cornwall England

1461 RAF Portsmouth Hampshire England
1462 RAF Port Victoria Kent England
1463 RAF Poslingford (Decoy) Suffolk England
1464 RAF Potterhanworth Lincolnshire England
1465 RAF Prawle Point Cornwall England
1466 RAF Predannack Cornwall England
1467 RAF Pucklechurch Somerset England
1468 RAF Pulborough (ELG) Sussex England
1469 RAF Pulham Norfolk England
1470 RAF Puttenham (Decoy) Buckinghamshire England

1471 RAF Putteridge Bury (Signals) Bedfordshire England
1472 RAF Pyrford Court Surrey England
1473 RAF Pyrton (Decoy) Oxfordshire England
1474 RAF Quarley Down Hampshire England
1475 RAF Quedgley Gloucestershire England
1476 RAF Queniborough Leicestershire England
1477 RAF Quy Cambridgeshire England
1478 RAF Rackheath Norfolk England
1479 RAF Radford Warwickshire England
1480 RAF Radipole Lane Dorset England

1481 RAF Radlett Hertfordshire England
1482 RAF Radway Warwickshire England
1483 RAF Rainham Marshes (Decoy) Middlesex England
1484 RAF Rame Chapel Cornwall England
1485 RAF Rame Head Cornwall England
1486 RAF Rampton (Decoy) Cambridgeshire England
1487 RAF Ramsbury Wiltshire England
1488 RAF Ramsey Isle of Man England
1489 RAF Ramsgate Kent England
1490 RAF Ramslade Berkshire England

1491 RAF Rand (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1492 RAF Raskelf (Decoy) North Riding England
1493 RAF Ratcliffe Leicestershire England
1494 RAF Rattlesden Suffolk England
1495 RAF (Hospital) Rauceby Lincolnshire England
1496 RAF Ravenscar North Riding of Yorkshire England
1497 RAF Raydon Suffolk England
1498 RAF Reading Buckinghamshire England
1499 RAF Rearsby Leicestershire England
1500 RAF Red Barn Wiltshire England

1501 RAF Redcar East Riding England
1502 RAF Redhill Surrey England
1503 RAF Rednal Shropshire England
1504 RAF Regents Park ? England
1505 RAF Rendcombe Gloucestershire England
1506 RAF Rennington Northumberland England
1507 RAF Renscombe Down (Radar) Dorset England
1508 RAF Riccall North Riding England
1509 RAF Richmond Park (TGW/WWI) ? England
1510 RAF Ridgewell Essex England

1511 RAF Ridley Plain Hampshire England
1512 RAF Ringstead Dorset/Hampshire England
1513 RAF Ringway Cheshire England
1514 RAF Ripe (Proposed) Sussex England
1515 RAF Ripon North Riding England
1516 RAF Ripperston (Radar) Glamorganshire England
1517 RAF Risby East Yorkshire England
1518 RAF Rivenhall Essex England
1519 RAF Roborough Devon England
1520 RAF Rochester Kent England

1521 RAF Rochford Essex England
1522 RAF Rockcliffe (Decoy) Cumberland England
1523 RAF Rollestone Wiltshire England
1524 RAF Romney Salts Kent England
1525 RAF Romsey Hampshire England
1526 RAF Ronaldsway Isle of Man England
1527 RAF Rothwell Haigh West Riding England
1528 RAF Rougham Suffolk England
1529 RAF Routh North Riding England
1530 RAF Rowthorn ? Riding England

1531 RAF Rudloe Manor Wiltshire England
1532 RAF Rufforth North Riding England
1533 RAF Rugby Warwickshire England
1534 RAF Ruislip Middlesex England
1535 RAF Rumburgh Norfolk England
1536 RAF Ruskington Lincolnshire England
1537 RAF Rustington Sussex England
1538 RAF Rye Kent England
1539 RAF St Agnes Beacon Cornwall England
1540 RAF St Annes Lancashire England

1541 RAF St Annes (Radar) Lancashire England
1542 RAF St Davids Head Cornwall England
1543 RAF St Eval Cornwall England
1544 RAF St Just Cornwall England
1545 RAF St Lawrence Isle of Wight England
1546 RAF St Margarets Kent England
1547 RAF St Marys (TGW/WWI) Cornwall England
1548 RAF St Marys (WWII) Cornwall England
1549 RAF St Mawgan Cornwall England
1550 RAF St Merryn Cornwall England

1551 RAF Salcombe (ASR) Devon England
1552 RAF Salisbury Wiltshire England
1553 RAF Salmesbury Lancashire England
1554 RAF Saltburn (TGW/WWI) County Durham England
1555 RAF Saltby Leicestershire England
1556 RAF Salthouse Heath (Decoy) Norfolk England
1557 RAF Sandbanks Dorset England
1558 RAF Sandridge Sussex England
1559 RAF Sandtoft Lincolnshire England
1560 RAF Sandwich (Radar) Kent England

1561 RAF Sandysike ? England
1562 RAF Saunders (Radar) ? England
1563 RAF Sawbridgeworth Hertfordshire England
1564 RAF Saxthorpe (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
1565 RAF Scaleby Cumberland England
1566 RAF Scale Hall Lancashire England
1567 RAF Scalford (TGW/WWI) Leicestershire England
1568 RAF Scampton Lincolnshire England
1569 RAF Scarborough North Riding England
1570 RAF Scarlett (Radar) Isle of Man England

1571 RAF Scarnish Isle of Tiree England
1572 RAF Scole (Radar) Norfolk England
1573 RAF Scopwick Lincolnshire England
1574 RAF Scorton North Riding of Yorkshire England
1575 RAF Scorton Park Lancashire England
1576 RAF Sculthorpe Norfolk England
1577 RAF Scunthorpe Lincolnshire England
1578 RAF Seafield (Fictitious) Sussex England
1579 RAF Seahouses Northumberland England
1580 RAF Seaton Carew (Aerodrome) County Durham England

1581 RAF Seaton Carew (Seaplane) County Durham England
1582 RAF Seaton Snook North Riding England
1583 RAF Sedgeford (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
1584 RAF Sedgeford (Decoy) Norfolk England
1585 RAF Seething Norfolk England
1586 RAF Seighford Staffordshire England
1587 RAF Selsey Sussex England
1588 RAF Sennen Cornwall England
1589 RAF Sharnbrook Bedfordshire England
1590 RAF Sharpitor Devon England

1591 RAF Shawbury Shropshire England
1592 RAF Sheerness (Airship) Kent England
1593 RAF Sheerness (Landing Ground) Kent England
1594 RAF Sheffield Farm Park Berkshire England
1595 RAF Shellingford Oxfordshire England
1596 RAF Shepherds Grove Suffolk England
1597 RAF Sherburn in Elmet West Riding of Yorkshire England
1598 RAF Shinfield Park Berkshire England
1599 RAF Shipdham Norfolk England
1600 RAF Shipton (TGW/WWI) North Riding of Yorkshire England

1601 RAF Shipton (Radar WWII) North Riding of Yorkshire England
1602 RAF Shobdon Herefordshire England
1603 RAF Shooters Hill (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1604 RAF Shoreham (TGW/WWI) Sussex England
1605 RAF Shoreham (WWII) Sussex England
1606 RAF Shortgate Hampshire England
1607 RAF Shotesham (Decoy) Norfolk England
1608 RAF Shotley (TGW/WWI) Suffolk England
1609 RAF Shotton (Radar) County Durham England
1610 RAF Shrewsbury Shropshire England

1611 RAF Shrewton Wiltshire England
1612 RAF Shurdington (Decoy) Wiltshire England
1613 RAF Shurlingham (Decoy) Norfolk England
1614 RAF Sible Hedingham (TGW/WWI) ? England
1615 RAF Sibsey (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1616 RAF Sibson Cambridgeshire England
1617 RAF Sidmouth Devon England
1618 RAF Silloth Cumberland England
1619 RAF Silverstone Northamptonshire England
1620 RAF Skegness Lincolnshire England

1621 RAF Skellingthorpe Lincolnshire England
1622 RAF Skelton Fictitious England
1623 RAF Skendelby Lincolnshire England
1624 RAF Skerne North Riding of Yorkshire England
1625 RAF Skipsea North Riding England
1626 RAF Skipton-on-Swale North Riding England
1627 RAF Slade Farm ? England
1628 RAF Sleap Shropshire England
1629 RAF Slindon Sussex England
1630 RAF Smethwick (TGW/WWI) ? England

1631 RAF Smiths Lawn Berkshire England
1532 RAF Snailwell Suffolk England
1633 RAF Snaith ? Riding England
1634 RAF Snareshill Norfolk England
1635 RAF Snetterton Heath Norfolk England
1636 RAF Snettisham Norfolk England
1637 RAF Snipe House Northumberland England
1638 RAF Snitterfield Warwickshire England
1639 RAF Snodland Kent England
1640 RAF Soberton (TGW/WWI) Hampshire England

1641 RAF Soberton (ELG WWII) Hampshire England
1642 RAF Soham (Decoy) Huntingdonshire England
1643 RAF Sole Street Kent England
1644 RAF Somersham (Decoy) Huntingdonshire England
1645 RAF Somerton (TGW/WWI) Isle of Wight England
1646 RAF Somerton (Decoy) Norfolk England
1647 RAF Sopley (Radar) Dorset England
1648 RAF South Acre (Decoy) Norfolk England
1649 RAF Southam Warwickshire England
1650 RAF Southampton Hampshire England

1651 RAF South Ash (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1652 RAF Southborne (Radar) East Riding of Yorkshire England
1653 RAF Southburn (AAP) East Riding of Yorkshire England
1654 RAF Southburne (TGW/WWI) Sussex England
1655 RAF South Carlton Lincolnshire England
1656 RAF South Cave Lincolnshire England
1657 RAF South Cerney Gloucestershire England
1658 RAF Southdown (HQ BC) Buckinghamshire England
1659 RAF South Elkington Lincolnshire England
1660 RAF Southend Essex England

1661 RAF Southery Norfolk England
1662 RAF Southfields Northumberland England
1663 RAF South Ferriby (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1664 RAF South Godstone 1 (Decoy) Surrey England
1665 RAF South Godstone 2 (Decoy) Surrey England
1666 RAF South Grove (SLG) Wiltshire England
1667 RAF South Kensington (Radio) Middlesex England
1668 RAF South Marston Wiltshire England
1669 RAF Southminster (Proposed) Essex England
1670 RAF South Newbald (Decoy) ? Riding of Yorkshire England

1671 RAF South Newton (Decoy) Wiltshire England
1672 RAF South Otterington (TGW/WWI) North Riding of Yorkshire England
1673 RAF South Pickenham (Decoy) Norfolk England
1674 RAF Southrop (RLG/SLG) Gloucestershire England
1675 RAF South Ruislip Middlesex England
1676 RAF South Shields County Durham England
1677 RAF Southwalls (Radar) ? Riding of Yorkshire England
1678 RAF South Witham (MU/AAP) Lincolnshire England
1679 RAF South Woodford Essex England
1680 RAF Spadeadam Cumberland England

1681 RAF Spalford Nottinghamshire England
1682 RAF Spanhoe Northamptonshire England
1683 RAF Speke Lancashire England
1684 RAF Spennymoor County Durham England
1685 RAF Spilsby Lincolnshire England
1686 RAF Spitalgate Lincolnshire England
1687 RAF Spittal Northumberland England
1688 RAF Spittelgate Lincolnshire England
1689 RAF Sporle Norfolk England
1690 RAF Squires Gate Lancashire England

1691 RAF Stafford (No 16 MU/No 2 MT) Staffordshire England
1692 RAF Stag Lane Middlesex England
1693 RAF Stambourne (Decoy) Essex England
1694 RAF Stamford (TGW/WWI) Northumberland England
1695 RAF Stamford (TGW/WWI) Cambridgeshire England
1696 RAF Stanbridge Bedfordshire England
1697 RAF Standish (Decoy) Norfolk England
1698 RAF Standford (Decoy) Norfolk England
1699 RAF Stanley Park Lancashire England
1700 RAF Stanmore Park Middlesex England

1701 RAF Stannington (TGW/WWI) Northumberland England
1702 RAF Stanstead Abbots (TGW/WWI) Hertfordshire England
1703 RAF Stansted Mountfitchet Essex England
1704 RAF Stanton Harcourt Oxfordshire England
1705 RAF Stanwix Rural (Decoy) Cumberland England
1706 RAF Stapleford Abbots Huntingdonshire England
1707 RAF Stapleford Tawney Essex England
1708 RAF Staple Halt Kent England
1709 RAF Staplehurst (ALG) Kent England
1710 RAF Start Point (Radar) Devon England

1711 RAF Starveall Farm (SLG) Oxfordshire England
1712 RAF Staunton Gloucestershire England
1713 RAF Staverton Gloucestershire England
1714 RAF Staxton Wold (Radar) North Riding England
1715 RAF Staythorpe (Radar) Lincolnshire England
1716 RAF Steeple Morden Cambridgeshire England
1717 RAF Steeple Thaxted (Fictitious) Norfolk England
1718 RAF Stenigot Lincolnshire England
1719 RAF Stenness (TGW/WWI) Orkney Islands England
1720 RAF Steventon (Decoy) Norfolk England

1721 RAF Stoke Hammond (Radio) Bedfordshire England
1722 RAF Stoke Heath (MU) Shropshire England
1723 RAF Stoke Holy Cross (Radar) Lincolnshire/Norfolk England
1724 RAF Stoke Orchard (EFTS) Gloucestershire England
1725 RAF Stonehenge (TGW/WWI) Wiltshire England
1726 RAF Stoney Cross (Radar) Hampshire England
1727 RAF Stow Maries (TGW/WWI) Essex England
1728 RAF Stradishall Suffolk England
1729 RAF Stratford Warwickshire England
1730 RAF Strubby (ETPS) Lincolnshire England

1731 RAF Sturgate Lincolnshire England
1732 RAF Sturminster Marshall (Radar) Dorset England
1733 RAF Sturton Lincolnshire England
1734 RAF Stutton (TGW/WWI) Suffolk England
1735 RAF Sudbury Suffolk England
1736 RAF Suffield (Decoy) Suffolk England
1737 RAF Sundridge (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1738 RAF Sunninghill Park Buckinghamshire England
1739 RAF Sutton (TGW/WWI) Suffolk England
1740 RAF Sutton Bridge Lincolnshire England

1741 RAF Sutton Coldfield Warwickshire England
1742 RAF Sutton Craddock Fictitious England
1743 RAF Sutton Heath Suffolk England
1744 RAF Sutton on Hull Lincolnshire England
1745 RAF Suttons Farm (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1746 RAF Sutton Staithes Norfolk England
1747 RAF Sutton Valence (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1748 RAF Swadley (Fictitious) Suffolk England
1749 RAF Swaffham (Decoy) Norfolk England
1750 RAF Swannington Norfolk England

1751 RAF Swanton Morley Norfolk England
1752 RAF Swanwick (NATC) Hampshire England
1753 RAF Sway (ELG) Hampshire England
1754 RAF Swayfield (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1755 RAF Swinderby (Airfield) Lincolnshire England
1756 RAF Swinderby (AAP) Lincolnshire England
1757 RAF Swineshead (Decoy) Northamptonshire England
1758 RAF Swingate Down (Radar) Kent England
1759 RAF Swingfield (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1760 RAF Swingfield (WWII/ALG) Kent England

1761 RAF Swinstead (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1762 RAF Syerston Nottinghamshire England
1763 RAF Sywell Northamptonshire England
1764 RAF Tadcaster North Riding England
1765 RAF Tangmere Sussex England
1766 RAF Tarrant Rushton Dorset England
1767 RAF Tatenhill Staffordshire England
1768 RAF Tattershall Thorpe Lincolnshire England
1769 RAF Tatton Park Cheshire England
1770 RAF Taverham (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England

1771 RAF Teddesley Park Staffordshire England
1772 RAF Teddington Middlesex England
1773 RAF Tehidy (Decoy) Cornwall England
1774 RAF Tempsford Bedfordshire England
1775 RAF Telscombe Cliffs (TGW/WWI) Sussex England
1776 RAF Ternhill Shropshire England
1777 RAF Terrington Marsh (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1778 RAF Thame Buckinghamshire England
1779 RAF Thatcham Berkshire England
1780 RAF Theale Berkshire England

1781 RAF Theddlethorpe Lincolnshire England
1782 RAF The Lizzard Cornwall England
1783 RAF Thetford (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
1784 RAF Thetford (WWII/Decoy) Norfolk England
1785 RAF The Tower Southsea (Radar) Hampshire England
1786 RAF The Verne Hampshire England
1787 RAF The White Ox Cumberland England
1788 RAF Tholthorpe North Riding of Yorkshire England
1789 RAF Thorby Fictitious England
1790 RAF Thornaby County Durham England

1791 RAF Thorne West Riding of Yorkshire England
1792 RAF Thorney Island Hampshire England
1793 RAF Thornton le Moor (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1794 RAF Thorpe Abbotts Norfolk England
1795 RAF Thorpness Suffolk England
1796 RAF Thrigworth (Decoy) Gloucestershire England
1797 RAF Throwley (TGW/WWI) Kent England
1798 RAF Throwley (ELG/WWII) Kent England
1799 RAF Thruxton Hampshire/Wiltshire England
1800 RAF Thunderbolt Hampshire England

1801 RAF Thurgarton Nottinghamshire England
1802 RAF Thurleigh Bedfordshire England
1803 RAF Thwaites (Radar) ? England
1804 RAF Tibenham Norfolk England
1805 RAF Tickhill (Decoy) Norfolk England
1806 RAF Tilly Whim Devon England
1807 RAF Tilshead Wiltshire England
1808 RAF Tilstock Shropshire England
1809 RAF Tipnor Hampshire England
1810 RAF Titchfield Hampshire England

1811 RAF Tithby (Decoy) Nottinghamshire England
1812 RAF Tockwith North Riding of Yorkshire England
1813 RAF Toft Grange (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1814 RAF Toller Devon England
1815 RAF Tollerton Nottinghamshire England
1816 RAF Topcliffe North Riding England
1817 RAF Torquay Devon England
1818 RAF Tottenhill Norfolk England
1819 RAF Townsend Wiltshire England
1820 RAF Trebarbar Cornwall England

1821 RAF Trebelzue Cornwall England
1822 RAF Treen (Radar) ? England
1823 RAF Treguff (Decoy) Cornwall England
1824 RAF Tregurtha Downs (Radar) Cornwall England
1825 RAF Trelanvean (Radar) Cornwall England
1826 RAF Treleaver (Radar) Cornwall England
1827 RAF Trelegan Farm Cornwall England
1828 RAF Treligga (Range) Cornwall England
1829 RAF Trelow Downs (Decoy) Cornwall England
1830 RAF Trenhayle (Radar) Cornwall England

1831 RAF Trentham (FCU) Staffordshire England
1832 RAF Trerew (Radar) Cornwall England
1833 RAF Tresco Scilly Isles England
1834 RAF Trevescan (MCU) Cornwall England
1835 RAF Trevithick Downs (Radar) Cornwall England
1836 RAF Trevose Head (Radar) Cornwall England
1837 RAF Trewarvas Head (Radar) Cornwall England
1838 RAF Trimley Heath Suffolk England
1839 RAF Trimmington Norfolk England
1840 RAF Truleigh Hill (Radar) Kent England

1841 RAF Tuddenham Suffolk England
1842 RAF Tumby Woodside Lincolnshire England
1843 RAF Turkdean (Proposed) Buckinghamshire England
1844 RAF Turweston Buckinghamshire England
1845 RAF Twigmoor Lincolnshire England
1846 RAF Twinwood Farm Bedfordshire England
1847 RAF Tydd St Mary Lincolnshire England
1848 RAF Tynemouth Northumberland England
1849 RAF Upavon Wiltshire England
1850 RAF Upottery Devon England

1851 RAF Upper Heyford Oxfordshire England
1852 RAF Upton (TGW/WWI) Dorset England
1853 RAF Upton (Decoy) Nottinghamshire England
1854 RAF Upwood Huntingdonshire England
1855 RAF Usworth County Durham England
1856 RAF Uxbridge Middlesex England
1857 RAF (Hospital) Uxbridge Middlesex England
1858 RAF Ventnor (Radar) Isle of Wight England
1859 RAF Verwood (Decoy) Dorset England
1860 RAF Vickers Surrey England

1861 RAF Waddington Lincolnshire England
1862 RAF Wainfleet Lincolnshire England
1863 RAF Wakefield West Riding of Yorkshire England
1864 RAF Walmer Kent England
1865 RAF Walney Island Lancashire England
1866 RAF Waltham St Lawrence Berkshire England
1867 RAF Walton Heath (Decoy) Surrey England
1868 RAF Walton on Naze Suffolk England
1869 RAF Wanborough Wiltshire England
1870 RAF Wantage Hall Berkshire England

1871 RAF Wantor Wiltshire England
1872 RAF Warboys Huntingdonshire England
1873 RAF Warden Point Kent England
1874 RAF Warfield (Decoy) Berkshire England
1875 RAF Warham St Mary (Decoy) Norfolk England
1876 RAF Warmington (Decoy) Norfolk England
1877 RAF Warmwell Dorset England
1878 RAF Warsash Isle of Wight England
1879 RAF Wartling (Radar) Sussex England
1880 RAF Warton Lancashire England

1881 RAF Warwick Warwickshire England
1882 RAF Watchet Somerset England
1883 RAF Watchfield Oxfordshire England
1884 RAF Waterbeach Cambridgeshire England
1885 RAF Wath Head (SLG) Cumberland England
1886 RAF Watnall (Gp HQ) Nottinghamshire England
1887 RAF Wattisham Suffolk England
1888 RAF Watton Norfolk England
1889 RAF Weasonham (Decoy) Norfolk England
1890 RAF Webend (Fictitious) Buckinghamshire England

1891 RAF Webend (Fictitious) Herefordshire England
1892 RAF Weeton Lancashire England
1893 RAF (Hospital) Weeton Lancashire England
1894 RAF Welbury North Riding England
1895 RAF Welford Berkshire England
1896 RAF Welham (TGW/WWI) Leicestershire England
1897 RAF Wellesbourne Mountford Warwickshire England
1898 RAF Wellingore Lincolnshire England
1899 RAF Wendling Norfolk England
1900 RAF West Ayton (TGW/WWI) North Riding England

1901 RAF West Beckham (Radar) Norfolk England
1902 RAF West Bradenham (Decoy) Norfolk England
1903 RAF Westbury ? England
1904 RAF Westby (Decoy) Lancashire England
1905 RAF Westcliffe Dorset England
1906 RAF West Collingworth ? ?
1907 RAF West Common (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
1908 RAF Westcott Buckinghamshire England
1909 RAF West Drayton (S of FC) Middlesex England
1910 RAF Westenhanger (Decoy) Kent England

1911 RAF West Freugh Wigtownshire England
1912 RAF Westgate Kent England
1913 RAF Westhampnett Sussex England
1914 RAF West Hartlepool County Durham England
1915 RAF West Kingsdown Kent England
1916 RAF West Kirby Cheshire England
1917 RAF (Hospital) West Kirby Cheshire England
1918 RAF Westley (TGW/WWI) Suffolk England
1919 RAF West Littleton (Decoy) Wiltshire England
1920 RAF West Malling Kent England

1921 RAF West Myne (Radar) Somerset England
1922 RAF Wath Newton (Decoy) Cumberland England
1923 RAF Weston-on-the-Green Oxfordshire England
1924 RAF Weston Park Staffordshire England
1925 RAF Weston-super-Mare (WWII) Somerset England
1926 RAF Weston Zoyland Somerset England
1927 RAF West Pole Farm (TGW/WWI) Middlesex England
1928 RAF West Prawle (Radar) Somerset/Devon England
1929 RAF West Raynham Norfolk England
1930 RAF West Ruislip Middlesex England

1931 RAF West Rudham (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
1932 RAF Westward Ho (TGW/WWI) Devon England
1933 RAF West Wickham (Decoy) Kent England
1934 RAF Westwood Northamptonshire England
1935 RAF West Wittering (Decoy) Hampshire England
1936 RAF Wethersfield Essex England
1937 RAF Wexford (TGW/WWI) Norfolk England
1938 RAF Weybourne Norfolk England
1939 RAF Whatfield (Decoy) Suffolk England
1940 RAF Wheaton Aston Staffordshire England

1941 RAF Whitchurch Somersetshire England
1942 RAF Whiteacre Hall Warwickshire England
1943 RAF Whitehawk (Radar) Sussex England
1944 RAF White Waltham Buckinghamshire England
1945 RAF Whitley Abbey (TGW/WWI) Buckinghamshire England
1946 RAF Whitley Bay (TGW/WWI) Northumberland England
1947 RAF Whitley Bay (WWII) Northumberland England
1948 RAF Whitstable Kent England
1949 RAF Wibtoft (Decoy) Warwickshire England
1950 RAF Wickenby Lincolnshire England

1951 RAF Widdrington Northumberland England
1952 RAF Wigginton North Riding England
1953 RAF Wigsley Nottinghamshire England
1954 RAF Willer (WWII) Fictitious England
1955 RAF Willian (TGW/WWI) Hertfordshire England
1956 RAF Willoughby Hills (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire England
1957 RAF Willoughby Walks (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
1958 RAF Wilmslow Cheshire England
1959 RAF (Hospital) Wilmslow Cheshire England
1960 RAF Wimbledon Middlesex England

1961 RAF (Hospital) Wimpole (WWII) Cambridgeshire England
1962 RAF Windermere (TGW/WWI) Cumberland England
1963 RAF Windermere (WAAF OCTU) Cumberland England
1964 RAF Windrush Gloucestershire England
1965 RAF Winfrith Heath (Decoy) Dorset England
1966 RAF Wing Buckinghamshire England
1967 RAF Wingrave (Decoy) Buckinghamshire England
1968 RAF Winkfield (EFTS/ELG) Berkshire England
1969 RAF Winkleigh Devon England
1970 RAF Winkton (ALG) Hampshire England

1971 RAF Winterborne Gunner Wiltshire England
1972 RAF Winterton (TGW/WWI) Lincolnshire/Norfolk England
1973 RAF Winthorpe Nottinghamshire England
1974 RAF Winton (ALG) Hampshire England
1975 RAF Wisley (Decoy) Sussex England
1976 RAF Witanhurst (Decoy) Middlesex England
1977 RAF Witchford Cambridgeshire England
1978 RAF Withington (Decoy) Shropshire England
1979 RAF Witney (TGW/WWI) Oxfordshire England
1980 RAF Wittering Cambridgeshire England

1981 RAF Wittersham Kent England
1982 RAF Woburn Abbey Park Bedfordshire England
1983 RAF Woldingham (Decoy) Surrey England
1984 RAF Wolverhampton Staffordshire England
1985 RAF Wolverton (Decoy) Warwickshire England
1986 RAF Wolvey (OTU/WWII) Warwickshire England
1987 RAF Wombleton (HCU/WWII) North Riding England
1988 RAF Wombwell West Riding England
1989 RAF Woodbridge Northumberland England
1990 RAF Woodbridge Suffolk England

1991 RAF Woodbrook Middlesex England
1992 RAF Woodbury (Decoy) Devon England
1993 RAF Woodchurch (ALG) Kent England
1994 RAF Woodcote (MU) Oxfordshire England
1995 RAF Woodford Cheshire England
1996 RAF Woodgreen (Decoy) Hampshire England
1997 RAF Woodhall Spa Lincolnshire England
1998 RAF Woodham Mortimer (HQ/TGW/WWI) Essex England
1999 RAF Woodley Berkshire England
2000 RAF Woodsford Dorset England

2001 RAF Woodvale Lancashire England
2002 RAF Woolfox Lodge Rutland England
2003 RAF Woolsington Northumberland England
2004 RAF Wooton Wawen (Decoy) Warwickshire England
2005 RAF Wooton (Decoy) Kent England
2006 RAF Worcester Worcestershire England
2007 RAF Wordwell Suffolk England
2008 RAF Worksop Nottinghamshire England
2009 RAF Wormegay Norfolk England
2010 RAF Wormingford Essex England

2011 RAF Wormington Gloucestershire England
2012 RAF Wormwood Scrubs London England
2013 RAF Worth Kent England
2014 RAF Worth Matravers Dorset England
2015 RAF Worthy Down Hampshire England
2016 RAF Wortley West Riding England
2017 RAF Wrafton (Radar) Dorset England
2018 RAF Wragby Lincolnshire England
2019 RAF Wratting Common Cambridgeshire England
2020 RAF Wroughton Wiltshire England

2021 RAF (Hospital) Wroughton Wiltshire England
2022 RAF Wye Kent England
2023 RAF Wyham (Decoy) Lincolnshire England
2024 RAF Wykham Hill Oxfordshire England
2025 RAF Wymeswold Leicestershire England
2026 RAF Wythall (Decoy) Warwickshire England
2027 RAF Wyton Huntingdonshire England
2028 RAF Yarnbury Castle Wiltshire England
2029 RAF Yate Somersetshire England
2030 RAF Yatesbury Wiltshire England

2031 RAF Yeadon West Riding England
2032 RAF York North Riding England
2033 RAF Z Middlesex England
2034 RAF Zeals Wiltshire England