RAF Stations

RAF Stations in Cambridgeshire


This is an alphabetical list of the 33 RAF Stations in Cambridgeshire

1      RAF Abbots Ripton                           Cambridgeshire 

2      RAF Alnwick                                  Cambridgeshire      

3      RAF Alwalton   (Decoy)                      Cambridgeshire 

4      RAF Barley   (Decoy)                        Cambridgeshire

5      RAF Bassingbourn   (Decoy)                 Cambridgeshire 

6      RAF Bottisham                               Cambridgeshire 

7      RAF Bourn                                      Cambridgeshire 

8      RAF Brampton                                  Cambridgeshire 

9      RAF Cottenham                                 Cambridgeshire 

10     RAF Cambridge                                 Cambridgeshire 

11     RAF Caxton Gibbet                             Cambridgeshire        

12     RAF Duxford                                    Cambridgeshire

13     RAF Ely   (Hospital)                            Cambridgeshire 

14     RAF Fowlmere                                   Cambridgeshire 

15     RAF Great Eversden   (Decoy)                 Cambridgeshire 

16     RAF Horseheath   (Decoy)                     Cambridgeshire 

17     RAF Horsey Toll                                Cambridgeshire 

18     RAF Lord’s Bridge   (FFD/FAD)                Cambridgeshire                                19     RAF Maxey   (Decoy)                           Cambridgeshire

20     RAF Mepal                                      Cambridgeshire 


21     RAF Milton                                      Cambridgeshire

22     RAF Oakington                                  Cambridgeshire 

23     RAF Orton   (TGW/WWI)                     Cambridgeshire 

24     RAF Quy                                        Cambridgeshire 

25     RAF Rampton   (Decoy)                         Cambridgeshire 



26     RAF Sibson                                     Cambridgeshire 

27     RAF Stamford   (TGW/WWI)                 Cambridgeshire 

28     RAF Steeple Morden                            Cambridgeshire 

29     RAF Waterbeach                               Cambridgeshire 

30     RAF (Hospital) Wimpole   (WWII)             Cambridgeshire 


31     RAF Witchford                                 Cambridgeshire 

32     RAF Wittering                                  Cambridgeshire 

33     RAF Wratting Common                         Cambridgeshire