RAF Stations

RAF Stations in Berkshire


This is an alphabetical list of the 26 RAF Stations in Berkshire, in the Northern Home Counties of England.

1      RAF Abingdon                              North  East of Berkshire

2      RAF Aborfield Hall Farm   (Decoy)        Berkshire                                          3      RAF Aldermaston                           Berkshire

4      RAF Ascot                                  Berkshire

5      RAF Bracknell                               Berkshire

6      RAF Bray                                    Berkshire

7      RAF Burghfield Common                     Berkshire

8      RAF Greenham Common                      Berkshire

9      RAF Hampstead Norris                      Berkshire

10     RAF Harwell                                 Berkshire

11     RAF Hungerford                          Berkshire   

12     RAF Kingston Warren   (Decoy)          Berkshire

13     RAF Knights Farm   (Radar)              Berkshire             

14     RAF Membury                             Berkshire             

15     RAF Ramslade                             Berkshire             

16     RAF Sheffield Farm Park                 Berkshire             

17     RAF Shinfield Park                        Berkshire             

18     RAF Smiths Lawn                         Berkshire             

19     RAF Thatcham                            Berkshire             

20     RAF Theale                                Berkshire


21     RAF Waltham St Lawrence               Berkshire             

22     RAF Wantage Hall                        Berkshire                    

23     RAF Warfield   (Decoy)                  Berkshire                    

24     RAF Welford                              Berkshire             

25     RAF Winkfield   (EFTS/ELG)             Berkshire             

26     RAF Woodley       Berkshire