RAF Stations

RAF Stations – Types

This is an alphabetical list of the types of stations in the RAF.

Types of RAF Stations

Advanced Flying Training School                     AFTS
Advanced Landing Grounds                                ALG
Aircraft Storage Park                                             ASP
Aircrew Training                                                    AT
Air Sea Rescue                                                         ASR
Armament Support Units                                     ASU

Basic Flying Training School                              BFTS
Bombing Ranges

Day Landing Grounds                                            DLG
Desert Landing Grounds                                       DLG

Elementary Flying Training School                  EFTS
Emergency Landing Grounds                              ELG

Flight Leaders School                                            FLS
Flying Training School                                          FTS

Gliding Schools/Gliding Units                             GS/GU

Heavy Glider Unit                                                   HGU
Heavy Conversion Glider Unit                            HGCU

Maintenance Units MU
Marine Craft Unit MCU
Missile Units

Night Landing Grounds NLG

Operational Conversion Unit OCU
Operational Training Unit OTU

Parachute Training Schools PTS

Relief Landing Grounds RLG
Royal Air Force Regiment Depots
Royal Canadian Air Force

School of Recruit Training SofRT
School of Trade Training SofTT
School of Technical Training SofTT
Service Flying Training School SFTS
Signal Units SU
Standby Landing Grounds SLG

Training Depot Station TDS

United States Air Corps USAC
United States Army Air Force USAAF
United States Air Force USAF
University Air Squadrons UAS